Monstrous Emptiness

November 22, 2014

In the center of it all is an absence
a pocket of air at the core of the Tootsie Pop
we are accumulations
around us
wrapped up in blankets of taste and culture
constructed by our works and possessions
so thoroughly ensconced
in the collection
of our words, actions, and passions
that we believe the ephemera
is us
who we are
but in an instance of annihilation
we discover we are nothing
an abscess in the tooth of a beast
a slobbering carnivorous unconsciousness
devouring the Earth
belching our undistinguished destiny

Mortality in the Trash

November 20, 2014

The countdown is done
in disposable razor heads
depleted deodorant sticks
ways of waste to number the days
sponges past their season
oat tubs of dust
curbside trash collected and taken away
lest we should bury ourselves in our homes
before the grave

One of a Kind

November 17, 2014

To say
a person is one of a kind
is in essence true
but only in the most banal sense
of everyone ever having lived
being so
thus negating exactly that
what was meant by stating it
in the first place

If you had never existed
somebody else
would very likely be you
be filling your role
your niche as a living thing
as all water flows
inevitably, inexorably
to settle
at the lowest level

Dyed in the Wool

November 14, 2014

There was a time once
when they would have
known each other
even in a city of this size
one woman hair of azure
another in violet locks
estranged by a pane of glass
side by side
heads an inch apart
but these badges worn
in the fight against cultural norms
these medals of distinction
outward signs to attract
like minded co-conspirators
have all collapsed
submerged into the culture they opposed
in doing so
become meaningless
insignificant dye
infusing dead cells
the tribes can no longer recognize
their own
or the other
we all speak the same tongue
but the word’s extrinisic values
do not add up to the same
the context betrays
nobody understands
all that was stolen in the blink of a generation
how the rebellion was lost
by reversing god’s verdict
at the tower

The Oinkster

November 11, 2014

don’t change now
that you’re middle-aged
and overweight
carry on as you were
would you stop
cheating on your spouse
because you fear
with one more infidelity
you’ll lose her
you’ll not find another
who would consider
betrothing herself
to your sagging ass
flagging cock and beer gut
keep marching pig
through bedrooms of strangers
through McDonald’s drive-thrus
why quit today
what are you gonna do
learn to cook
scrub pots
delight in subtle combinations
of spices and herbs
p’shaw! rubbish!
soldier on
sucking the golden bounty
out of long neck bottles
there’s an off-duty nurse
giving you the eye
you still got it
she’s got a purse full of Percocet
you got an open tab
and a belly full of beef
the kids are all out of high school
who does a broken home really effect
this years Mustangs are looking good
don’t you deserve one
if only you could afford it, but…
god damn wife and god damn kids
god damn dental and god damn medical
stuck in a hole that’s what you are
so it’s understandable
to stick yourself in a few holes for a good time
who can blame you
bitch at home that’s who
fuck her ~ tonight’s your night
a man’s right
his inalienable right – the pursuit of pleasure
eat, drink and be merry
let off steam
if boys can’t be boys
then however else
are you gonna feel young again


November 7, 2014

compulsively chicken-pecking
to summon the signal
glassy-eyed vacant
too stupid to press
the large yellow target
even once

displaying irrationality
in their belief
they know how to cross
the street better than others
irritatingly marching against
the orders of the red hand
on a shortened green light
totally fucking over drivers
turning left

both types
in case you need to be told
tend to really piss me off

Parasitical Infection

November 5, 2014

If there was anything good
it must be let go
we are not worth
the holding onto
tear the band aid off fast
a slow lingering tear
(pronounce that how you will)
is not conducive to healing
our illness is terminal

Republican Love Song #38

November 4, 2014

Singer croons his western tune
“I got friends in low places,”
he repeats anthemically
impoverishment and powerlessness
they are medals of distinction
proud of the hard life
and judging by most of his fans
the country music crowd
their politics
who they vote for
and those they condemn
I must assume their philosophy
when it comes to poverty
is the more the merrier
and perhaps some dream
of grand futures
fattened, enriched, mighty
they could be the next
Duck Dynasty
one never knows
any old asshole could come along
with a jazzier way to fool a fowl
and then
if and when they get theirs
for all those friends
those of station’s lowly
it’s, fuck you buddy
but me and mine are doing fine
I’ll shit on you before giving a dime

Hero’s Confession

November 3, 2014

Police are kind
they’re allowing me to confess
in verse without rhyme
most importantly
is my philosophy
that’s foremost
so I’ll start with it
the only way to stop
a bad guy
with a gun
is a good guy with a gun
the cop’s say
that’s who they are
what they are
but do you know how long
it takes for them to come
a bullet is immediate
or nearly so
3,200 feet a second
for my AR 15
which is the weapon under question
and I’m the good guy
I would be anyway
if I could’ve passed
the psychological exam
still, even after failure
no, my mother tells me not to be
so hard
on myself… even after that
set back
I’ve taken the burden upon myself
to remain vigilant
different from a vigilante mind you
and that’s how I glanced the suspect
in balaclava
as he streaked across the courtyard
bounded up the stairs
lock-picked and entered
apartment twelve
I spied all this
from across the way
apartment nine where I reside
I look out
kind of like in that movie
Body Double
she’s a real pretty girl
how could I stand by
and do nothing
that’s how Nazi Germany started
I acted
I don’t apologize
I’m a good guy
it’s smart that gets reiterated
you remember it better
repetition breeds truth
I’m a good guy
I’m a good guy
do you like my mantra?
so, rifle loaded
I sight into her window
but the light’s out
no evident target
don’t think a moment
I went running out half-cocked
I’m a lifetime member of the NRA
the body armor goes on at dawn
in omni apparatus
as the saying goes
I like Latin; it’s smart
Molon Labe
keeping low I make the steps
ascend silent
reach the door
hold my breath
and listen
muffled shouts
followed by “No! Please! No!”
and then “Quiet slut!”
a slap
I can’t take it no more
kick my way in
swing into the bedroom
bring the rifle to bear
masked intruder jumps off her
I fire to center mass
down on the floor
“Don’t move” I said
I think
I can’t be sure
the blood was really pumping
whooshing in my ears; in my head
no reaction when I put the toe to the body
Martha’s been restrained
tied to the bedposts
nightgown over hips
I’m a gentleman
a nice guy
as well as a good guy
lest you forget
sure I take my look
maybe a little too closely
nice guy; good guy
and red-blooded all American male
I ain’t no faggot
shaved pussy, right on
so what if I write poetry
General George S. Patton
was known to
nobody’s calling him queer
and neither should nobody me
despite what I had to do
“It’s okay. You’re safe” I told her
my heart swelled
as I momentarily allowed belief in the future
a better life for me and her
she ever grateful
I savior and provider
living somewhere as man and wife
in small town Real America
just for a second
then I removed the gag
what truths were told to my sorrow
shit, I thought she was sweet
how the mighty veiled
by whiles of cruel deception fall
woe is me and mine lot
I’m sure you can understand
they say fear is the mind killer
but it’s also the man killer
happens all the time
you assess the situation
are afraid for your safety
the perp eats lead
turns out he’s unarmed
and the media calls him innocent
as if they’ve never heard the good word
original sin
no one is innocent
praise our redeeming Lord
if the nigger was innocent
then what did Jesus die for, huh?
answer me that
well, I guess
there’s all matter of justifying to be done
and if now here after
I did anything illegal
let he without sin
leave no stone unturned
what she told me
all an act
a game
big pay in it damn it
schemes have to be concocted
confronted with discordant information
dissonance levels were high
because I’m a good guy
and good guys must remain good
but good to who – Society
that’s the answer – the State
and its enforcers – you Guys
I left her in her bonds
retrieved the kitchen knife
and I’m repeating here
I’m no faggot
I considered having her
taking my hero’s reward
get me some sweet Molon labia
O, laughter in the face of ruin
the indomitable human spirit
but as the world knows
I didn’t
it’s just that damn DNA
so after I stabbed the dirty whore’s throat
I thought about that
that’s why I did what I did
again – not a fag
just needed some DNA
who even knew it’d work on the dead
palpating a prostate I think they call it
I worked at it a bit
and sure as shooting
up comes the bubbling jizz
smeared that into her
put the knife in his paws
sprinkled her blood on him
called 9-1-1
I think it would’ve worked too
do you?
I mean, if it wasn’t
broadcast live on those webcams
alas, however, it was and here I am
writing my confession
it ought to be more than ample
to get a conviction
still, one thing
I’d like to know why
I didn’t pass the psych eval
do you see how I’m that much different
from you guys
I’ve always felt law enforcement is my calling
and now I’ve proven it

From Prey to Technology

November 2, 2014

Think about early humanity
the horror of survival
food, shelter
escape from predation
sudden upheavals of unpredicted weather
floods, tornadoes, electrical storms
venomous bites and stings
mere scratches, infected
broken limbs are death
blindness, deafness
misunderstood genetic disorders
murder of innocents
possessed by epileptic devils
think about that
think what it took to make it
to be born into that world
to grow up in its mercilessness
every day a peril
peril the everyday
think about what early humanity had to endure
how any of its children
made it
to adulthood
to breed descendants
think about our ancestors
think about what they overcame
what they conquered
and now
think about your amazement
that a three year old
can figure out your mobile smart phone
yeah, think about it
kind of stupid, no?


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