Never Trust

October 20, 2016

No drink too strong to not
cast accusations of short-pourings
upon a bartender too obliging
to make amends
no drunkenness too prolonged to not
proclaim sobriety
at a friend too concerned
with well-being
no tardiness too late to not
reverse blame
upon the victim
so that she believes she’s the reason
for drink
no integrity too weak to not
deny alcoholism
when it comes as disease
disguised as a blessing
defining your life dawn to night
no refusal too low to forget
what’s remembered
on the morning after
it was best forgotten
this is smart
this is wisdom
this is narcissism loosed
the junkie has all the best words
to make you agree
to make you believe
they are in control
they are not going to hurt you
they are not going to cheat you
steal from you, stab you in the back
believe me
it’s true; it’s true

Wasting Away in Trumparitaville… Sad!

October 14, 2016

you’re gonna be winning
stinking big piles of winning
jobs, walls, tariffs
all of it
that I can tell you
no lie
no lie
but the others
oh, the others
you know what you get
you know what you’re gonna get
brown people everywhere
up to your armpits
rapists and terrorists, okay
you’ll be shot
shot dead
just walking down the street
shot dead
on your way to get a loaf of bread
you have it horrible
believe me
trust me on that
what do you have to lose
international bankers
believe you me
I know international bankers
to tell you the truth
they can’t wait
can’t wait
they’re laughing about it
they do
they do
they laugh about it
believe me
it’s terrible
sick is what it is
what they’re planning
their cabal
I’ll stop them
I’ll fix it
only I can fix it
believe me
trust me on that one
trust me on that
I know
I know
the media
you know the media
I know them
in the pocket
in the pocket of you know who
I know who
believe me
I know who
you know what
trust me on this
don’t worry
we need to say it
we will say it
we’ll take our country back
because political correctness
I hate it too
killing free speech
killing it
huge problem
taking free speech
grabbing it by the balls
twisting ‘em like a bitch
till all of us
speaking squeaky and high pitched
just like faggots
just like ‘em
believe me
it’s literally strangling our testicles
cutting off the oxygen of heterosexual liberty
blue balls
you know
sometimes no means yes
that I can tell you
no means yes all the time
so no more politically correct
let’s just say it
come on
say it with me
you know the word
believe me
we said it
it feels good to say it
so good to be honest
trust me on that
feels good
real good
so good to say it
that I can tell you
that I can

Turkey in the Lie

October 12, 2016

Into conflict descend
eager and delighted
an eagle in its aerie
plunging sudden into combat
attack, wrangle, spar
crush, kill, destroy
talons physical and verbal
war cries online
senseless twittering tits
always in opposition
happiest there in fact
it is this
the happiness they pursue
a thing never gained
in pursuit directly
without much self-questioning
but into conflict
with themselves
they refuse to engage
cognitive dissonance heals their wounds
as they refuse
acknowledgement of the self-inflicted
violence upon their psyche
laid into themselves
by their own claws
in the end
ambivalence lays fire to the fuse
jumping and spitting angrily to destination
a spectacular explosion of feathers
and naught but a dead chicken, naked

Highland Park, CA 2004 (The Gentry has Landed)

October 10, 2016

long hair
sweat-plastered to stubble like Velcro
blood-rimmed eyes
stare the bastard down
as I grin at the landlord
the one I stopped short of
just shy of pouncing
but for my friend’s cry
of “Jim, no!”
so there I stand, panting
unsure of my move
his face wears fear
I have him scared good
the pickle reek
of all night gin and beer
seeping from my pores
“You Jesus?” I ask
he steps back
getting ready to flee
answers affirmatively
“Well, Hallelujah fuckface!”
I say, rattling eviction papers
moments ago delivered
I stagger, unsteady, dizzy with adrenalin
but no blood on my hands
I go back inside
somehow, miraculously
nobody is dead
it’s only eight A.M.
in Los Angeles
there’s still plenty of time

The Star Spangled Banner is the Flag of the Confederacy

October 6, 2016

Gleeful ghoul dips quill
into ink pot
to pen his verse
of moral and racial superiority
called by those who live
in America
the National Anthem
the Star Spangled Banner
the red on which
is the uselessly shed
blood of slaves and hirelings
who dared fight
alongside the British
for their own personal stakes
of freedom
of independence from bondage
those men and women in chains
who might desire to share
in the noble Declaration’s aim
in the Bill of Rights to follow
but three-quarters men
would be granted no such rights
freedom and independence
under the star spangled banner
was to be
by divine right
granted only to white men

Stand now and put your hand to your heart
display due devotion
to your own oppression
as the spirit of Key
and his demented 15-striped banner
yet still in sick minds
doth wave
no better
than stars and bars and swastika heralds
ignoring the glory
of the flag of 34
that stood up and declared “NO MORE!”
finally, bringing truth
into Key’s
once lie of a line
about the home of the brave
whose blood washed out
slavery’s foul pollution

Nature of Disaster

October 4, 2016

Disaster comes… sudden
(earthquake, hurricane, tsunami)
a judgment from God
upon the sins
of the morally condemned
(sodomites, feminists, atheists)
a well-deserved
long overdue punishment
for the unrepentant
contumely in the eyes
of the almighty

Disaster comes… slowly
(drought, extinction, resource depletion)
a time to reaffirm faith
open the soul to the Lord
purify it in His love
through prayer
to reverse
the harsh deprivations
for surely divine mercy
can resolve so minor a thing
as too little rain

Disaster comes… sudden
people die
infrastructure in ruins
there is mourning
there is rebuilding
life will go on

Disaster comes… slowly
people die
they go on dying
starvation comes
thirst comes
life will move on

Boner in the Drink

October 3, 2016

Stirred in the pissy stream
bloated cheese cracker fragments
rotate within porcelain contained currents
as dense peanut butter filling chunks sink
creeping misplaced turds
around the urinal drain
and I wonder what
multitasking dick-wit
thought it
wise to both
tinkle and eat
micturate and ingest
the case
he failed
likely at both
urine splattered on the floor
food floating in pee
there is no victory
bladder and belly
both emptied in competition
like a dog
barking at its reflection
and losing its bone
to still reflective waters

Pissy Britches

September 29, 2016

Today at the bar
an idiot man
with the mind of a child
prophesied imminent doom
should the woman whom
he does not wish to succeed
assume the presidency
then his newborn child
will, as he said, “See
some serious shit,”
should the woman ascend
he said
to the land’s highest office
then he said
“We are fucked. We are fucked.
It’s all over, and we will see
some…” as aforementioned
“serious shit,”
under such a canopy of despair
lives a man
who drinks Bud light and shots
of Patron
a man who wears
a Metallica tee-shirt
and whose pregnant, again, wife
drinks pints of fruit juice on ice
all this pants-pissing fear
exists in a single man
a self-fancied tough-guy
a fighter, a fornicator, an impregnator
a bed-wetter
terrified of tomorrow, but partying
for today

April 30th 2021

September 23, 2016

Daddy bought me this
it’s a, he called it a journal,
but I like diary
he told me to tell it stuff
“Tell it about the weather
what you ate, how you are
but not too much
about that
you don’t want to write
the wrong things
bad feelings
just good things, really
like how happy you are
for me getting the job
and buying you a gift
don’t tell it about your mom”
That’s enough for today

Daddy started work today
it’s called the MSA
Maleficia Security Agency
I don’t like them
they’re the ones
who put Mommy in the tree
but now they put money
in the bank
is what Daddy said
I’m not supposed to tell
about Mommy
that’s a bad thing
but money is not
and that’s why I told
to tell about Daddy’s money
not Mommy’s maleficium
That’s enough for today

Daddy brought home a bucket
of KFC last night
The MSA bought us the KFC
he said and laughed
the chicken wasn’t good
but I liked the mashed potatoes
That’s enough for today

“Your dad works
for the people who killed your mom
it’s like he killed her
like he hung her in the witch tree,”
Donald was being mean
he’s a boy at Bible Center
he was there when Mommy
was put in the tree
I was too, of course
with my eyes pinned open to see
“She had nice big tits your mom
when are you gonna catch up?”
he said and twisted my nipple
it’s black and swollen now
a teacher saw him do it
and gave me detention
for letting him
girls can help it she said
boys can’t
That enough for today

Daddy caught a witch
we knew her all along
it’s Mrs. Piper right next door
who has the dogs
that bark all night
Mommy hated those dogs
they would fight
Mommy and her
yelling over the fence at each other
it was the day after Mommy called her a…
I shouldn’t tell the bad name
it’s an illegal word
I’ll write it small cunt
it was the day after
the MSA came
and Mommy was put in the tree
later that same week
“Justice moves fast,”
Mrs. Piper, she laughed
Daddy said she’s a real bad one
he got a confession from her
they’re putting her in the tree
tomorrow after sunset
That’s enough for today

I don’t feel like telling today
I’ll tell tomorrow
about Mrs. Piper I’ll ask Donald
if he thinks she has nice tits

Daddy put the noose around her neck
and shaved her head
she had long brown hair
after that the Clan-ministers
stripped her nude
pointed to her erect nipples
as a sign of her guilt
“Even now Satan inflames
her insatiable carnal lust,”
after that up she went
the final flight they call it
Donald said Mommy’s
were better
bigger and rounder
I’m glad
That’s enough for today

Daddy got mad
he read this and said
these are things you don’t want
to tell in writing
permanent documents like this
this can bring the wrong
kind of attention
he told me
attention that comes with trouble
Mrs. Piper trouble
Mommy trouble
trouble for him
it’s suggestive he said
that he did something very wrong
do you understand
Yes, I said
I understand
if I tell it wrong things
bad feelings
they’ll put me in the tree
Daddy looked sad
yes, he said
don’t say you don’t like them
they put the money in the bank
and the KFC in the bucket
and me in the tree I said
right, so no more bad feelings
That’s enough for today
and maybe forever too

A New Reality This Way Comes

September 22, 2016

The world consumes our words
chews them up; shits them out
maggot production grounds
descriptors of dead past
museum piece relics
worthless for tomorrow
we cannot comprehend
that what we cannot name
the future lost to us
unable to adjust
savage time reaps our lives
numbers diminished days
as we struggle to speak
tongue’s stripped by dumb faith
our history repeats
longing now as never
truism remain true
come back rude grocery clerk
one more time Sunday rain
return decades of war
all preferable to this
to this relentless now
this permanent today
where what we say is void
endless swirling nothing
softly dragging us down
mute but to yesterday
dry leaves on a hot breeze