April 16, 2015

fear motivates them
to want you to fear
for your health
for your home
for your security
of which they want you to have none
kept uninsured
you are always a breath away from bankruptcy
one bad bug or break
and you are out
they move in
fangs dripping blood, claws drawn
ready to seize all assets
and throw you on the street
sick, poor and credit-ruined
now they own your old home
and rent it out to you
for more than the mortgage
you paid before
it’s a simple game they play
rules torn from the pages of the good book
they’re God
you’re Job
and the devil’s got their ears
making it all possible

Binary System

April 10, 2015

I am twisted
downward into depression
every morning every step
as if driven by a screwdriver
gripped in a rough and artless hand
a half turn is given
for each pace he takes at my side
a full 360
on the stumbles, trips
drilled flush on the falls
the walk from car to schoolhouse
is a blessed light
dimmed, reddened and finally eclipsed
by a relentless disease that breeds in me
an unquenchable one
slow motion witness
day by day to the play of decay
as it lays waste the future
and atrophies hope
he weakens
I drunken
twin failures
like two stars in synchronous death-spiral orbits
we circle one another
the people on the world below
left to wait and wonder in fearful anticipation
who will first explode

Habitual Blood

April 8, 2015

Obsessive picking at my face
the nails dig in
gouging a gory ruin
fingers run through my hair
scratch at the scalp
scoop out flakes and filth and
blood accumulates darkly
under white crescents
scars never rest
rent open anew
unable to relent
I plough troughs through skin
probe the tenderest places
with a tentative touch
then rip into flesh for the win
until pain and shame
wields the clipper
trimming flush to the bed
I look at the loss
like an amputee
but they will grow back
unless comes the day
I end the curse
ply up by the roots
that which offends me
the good old biblical cure
cut it off
kill it dead
drown the world
cleanse it complete
bring the end
the unsatisfying end

Dance to Death’s Rattle

April 6, 2015

Victims and their vocal supporters demand
recognition of victimhood
race, religion, sexual orientation
explicitly state it, every detail
on every broadcast
in every report
every time
the cry of martyrdom
echoes hollowly off liberty’s bell
a whining resound
reverberating through media reports
and into the halls
of crippled, outraged believers true
who need the world’s injustices
turned inward on them
like the riders’ blades on the fox
who in its frightened countdown to death yelps,
“White Christian heterosexual male!”
its eyes wildly swivel
as its perceived hunters tighten the ring
“Help! Help! I am endangered!
The last of the wild, politically incorrect
white men who tell it like it is!”
and in disgust its pursuers turn their backs
sickened by the ugly scabrous cur
a pitiable base thing that in construed victory
gleefully laps its genitals, laughs and shouts,
“Islamofascist faggot nigger whores suck my dick!”
a death rattle picked up and shaken again
an unshakable professional habit
believing in its invincibility
and that it’ll never get caught again

Led Astray

April 3, 2015

contentment wars
all pleasure, every joy
no tranquility goes untortured
no calm unturned
disturbance of ease complete
relief bequeaths agitation
worry cracks the paint from beneath
feeds the baby flakes of lead
1977 longs for life again
retro poisoning all the rage
anything to turn back the clock
walk back progress
darken the ages anew
bring out your dead
bring out your dead
bring out your dead

The Agency

April 1, 2015

They grab me
tag my ears
command I cry, pout, sigh
sting and suck blood
give me a wild goodbye
monitored by drone
tracked by transactions
now they know
try to dodge, hide
dark back corners
slunk low
hunkered under a pitcher of beer
yellow, behind it
my face distorts
bubbles, wavers, bends
a funhouse mirrored hall
of glass of whiskey, vodka, rum
in and out of dens
beeps and blinks red and green
every move monitored, computed
calculated, crunched, predicted
dart sails into ass
drugged out, dragged off
colored by numbers
shaken, tested, stirred
returned to virginity
a natural beast
without mystery
totally sold
all the evidence, all the data
happiness is freedom from guesswork

Austere Horizons Forever

March 30, 2015

When austerity is promoted
as a character building virtue
it is no more
than leadership’s attempt
to dispel discontent

The people do not need toughening up
or belt tightening
their elected officials do
they must toughen up
against corporate influence
tighten their belts
to go without the lobbyist’s fruits

Once upon a time
distrust of government was prudent
now, however, as it is feared
by the lickspittle rightwing base
it is not
what is of concern
is as deeper and deeper tax cuts
strangle federal revenue
politicians and public programs
come to rely on private sector funds
on big business wealth

To protect ourselves from the whims
and desires
of the rich
that may be unhealthy to society
we the people, all together
put forth the capital
in the form of our tax dollars
to keep us safe

It is not simply just foreign powers
who crave to take our freedoms away
crush our rights
weaken our constitution
and public institutions
it is a far greater threat from within
from the money hording elite
the profiteers
and the shareholders über alles philosophy
of the corporations
who will shit on every and any liberty
for another dollar
and they are winning
with every union dismantled
with every erosion
of campaign finance reform
with every supreme court ruling
like citizens united
they attack the people
because we are their enemy
to be trampled into the dirt
and told to get by on less
told we had it so good for so long
and sometimes you must simply
toughen up, buckle down, weather the worst
and before you know it
you’ll never remember better

Thank an Anti-Vaxxer

March 27, 2015

Slammed into meat
dead viral payload plunged
hallmark of the western
educated, industrialized
rich democracies
the eradication of disease
a chief achievement of humankind
a triumph of science
of modern empirical research
testable, verifiable, repeatable, predictable
demons did not bring sickness
foul spirits held no blame
but in a microscopic beast
was found the culprit and the solution
shooting it up to shoot it down
we had won
humanity victorious over its oppressors
they were golden days
when parents were free
of the deadly worries
that had stalked their ancestors
for generations:
measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis
various pox and polio
due, however, to misinformation and baseless fear
two other pernicious hunters of mankind
bad ideas again reared their heads
our redeemer of mortal infection
the immunization injection
was deemed itself a killer
and from the old bottles were uncorked
those same damnable spirits and demons
that had murdered man for untold millennia
they came back enforce
decimating these idiot nations
who so handily had had them under wraps
leaving a trail of tiny dead bodies
from Disneyland
to the your doorstep


March 23, 2015

Even his name smacks
of mediocrity and lowness
in it
there is no achievement
no swiftness of movement
just a simple contentment
to do no more than the minimum
he bears no profession
neither a brewer nor a bauer
not cooper or cook

first, the baby learns to rollover
second, it begins to crawl and third
it rises to its feet and walks
and that is him
a man who still knows well
how to rollover belly-up for his masters
to come to them on hands and knees
when called

pathetic serf happy for his pittance
pleased to serve the knights
when they descend upon the village
to rape and pillage
he takes them to the best stocked larders
leads them straight
to where the virgins are hid
greed and lust satisfied
they toss him a coin
and spit down upon him
from their high horseback perch
lest he forget
he is not one of them
he does not hold the reins
and he most certainly does not ride
thus he comes by his pedestrian assignation
he is Walker

Entertainment Death

March 20, 2015

Into the coliseum, us
grateful for the opportunity
rapturous as the lion’s teeth
bite deep, bite hard
an animosity
we once reserved for others
is now ours as we eagerly bow our necks
to the stump
happy to receive the executioner’s blade
as we observe colorful teams frolic
passing balls about the field
defending and offending
raising one finger to God
for their every small victory
and we watch
we consume
we base our fucking lives on it
to feel
to make the blood flow
so we might scream and cry
experience love and loss
in our dull, dead lives
only sports makes us human
gives us passion and reason
fills us like balls at the edge of climax
the release we badly need
sweet relief, the lion’s teeth
let me die, come inside
head in mouth


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