The Guy Across the Street from the Beast

January 17, 2017

The rat pope raises paw
makes the sign of the cross
blessing the faithful masses
loyally attendant
assemble at his call
their minds his whim to alter
little sacrifices
to his vast ego made
reason in a snare slaughtered
into the trap they go
believing in the cheese
their necks for his pleasure snap
dying for their master
will they find peace in death
will those they leave behind learn
the dangers of sweet words
the threats of poisoned bait
or will their mistakes repeat

How to Lose

January 13, 2017

I press my advantage
between the heavy pages
of a lost civilization’s history book
alien words
long extinct
preserving the pedals of a flower
for which neither I
nor they
had a word

No Lasting Bite

January 12, 2017

From one side I see
joy in liberation
celebration of freedom
a genuine happiness
when oppression wanes
and opportunity rises
to bring success
and advancement
to raise us up, everyone
the love of the promise
democracy might bring
justice and equality for all

From the other side I see
dark delight in deprivation
triumphant mockery
of the afflicted
a desire for no more
than to strip rights
and pleasures away
like precious ores from earth
and to heap them
upon themselves
the exulted ones
on high… or so they think
not realizing yet
they have been buried
by all they fear to lose
by all they refuse to share
poor babies crying, everyone
when nursie comes
and pops the dummy
from out betwixt
their toothless gums

Input, Output, Stayput

January 11, 2017

novels now by algorithm ruined
as before it came
the cookie cutter cat in the canopy
for the script scribbler
big data by computer crunched
can announce the failure
to best sell
prior to being read
no risk; all reward
what it requires:
a 28 year old heroine,
overuse of the words
“do” and “things,”
locked down
in a 3 act structure…
it’s all too easy
burn that old manuscript
upon the pyre of dreams
it is time to revision
an old sea captain
obsessed by a sea-going mammal
a boy wizard orphaned
as a babe
thrust into an epic battle
between good and evil
a high school girl
abused by her mother and peers
explodes in a torrent of psychic violence
but this all
isn’t beyond salvation
tweaking done and the stories all become
a late twenty something woman
who does things
involving frequent use of the words
“do” and “things”
so sit down at your typer dear writer
and do your thing
do that thing you do
do the voodoo you do so well
sweet thing
you can do it
any old thing will do


January 10, 2017

infectious discharge ruptured
but from a single word
a compound term
deployed to praise and demonize
under a cloak
of pseudo-scientific sociology

from its initial
toxifying of the blood
in the 1950’s
six decades later
it was the rot at the heart of the world

the word was a wonderful new method
by which one could safely discuss
“class” and “wealth”
without being perceived
as the communist ghost at the feast
broach the subject
albeit gently
of sexuality
in an age of puritanical plague
and hold dialogue on race
without being slandered a “racist”

the word was “lifestyle”
and “lifestyle” festered in the mind
agitating desire, envy, wrath and hatred
they lived right and those others
lived wrong and the way
one lived was
after all, clearly
a choice, a chosen style
and people must be
held accountable and likewise
rewarded or punished
for their choice of lifestyle

the perfect poison was in hand
for petty politicians
to divide and conquer
vilify and oppress
categorize by merit
to justifiably ignore or lavish
with attention based on “class”
that was not “class”
“sex” that was not “sex”
“race” that was not “race”
all now reduced
to “lifestyle”
in order to safeguard
their lifestyle – their class; not “class”
and enrich that of their 1% masters

For Love of Nazi Country

January 6, 2017

Caring contra Contempt
is political left
against right defined
it is harder to care
the difficulty is set higher
to give a shit about others
beyond the boundaries
of your pathetically loathsome family;
of your particular pigmented skin condition;
of your country and its
sordid self-interested affairs;
it is so much easier
at every level
for contempt,
and its incestuous twin, hatred
to reign emotionally
dismissive of any beyond
the inner circles
of family, race, nation
increasingly large bubbles
ready to burst at every
additional breath
inward wheezed, but
the contemptuous of today
they once cared
let them be a lesson and a warning
with care, tread with care
lest you find yourself
caring so much, you hate those who don’t

Sugar of Lead

January 5, 2017

The fire trucks speeding
through the mixed business
residential zone
cars hugging the curb
at the insistence
of high crying sirens
this is the efficiency
of the city
vehicles lined up
one by one
disgorging school children
at the early light of day
safe behind orange cones
they exit and run for it
the playground, fenced in
monitored by adults
as they wait for the start of classes
this is the efficiency
of the city
of a structured society
serving, of course,
as all societies always have,
the rich and successful and healthy,
but now, in this rare time,
also serving
the poor and the failed
the crippled and burnt
this is what we stand to lose
the wealthy elite
will always have theirs
but for the impoverished
so easy
to take it all from them
leave them with naught
but hunger, cold and death
this is what we stand to lose
if we do not fight
to hold onto it
now, even if we lose
there is hope
remember what they say
about Hitler
at the least he had
the trains running on time
as if that is genocide’s silver lining
or a diamond in an exceedingly vast
and terribly coarse rough
and it makes me wonder
what will they say about Trump
what will
that one good thing be
O, sweet Christ and shit
you’ll have to excuse
a poet should be more creative
and in that
I am clearly lacking
because I can’t
even come close to conjuring
or imagining
in allegory, metaphor
or in stark
plain as an egg language
one god damn thing
of fucking good
that could be

Viva la Fascista

January 4, 2017

Join us in our deplorability
seething in self-righteous indignity
elderly milk-head ghouls
one and all we are
our pin-prick pig-eyes stare
from deep recessed concavities
out from faces of lumpy dough
our anus-pinched mouths open
to free our tiny raging tongues within
preaching as viscous ropes of saliva fly
as fast as our invectives inveighed
against all they
who are not as us

If their hatred isn’t flawless and obscene
if their crazed denial of facts
isn’t total and absolute
if their joy at the pain of others
doesn’t fulfill them
like no other pleasures could
then they are not our kind
but there is hope
it sprang across Europe
in the 1930’s and maybe
with tenacity
treachery and duplicity
with propaganda, deceit
and fabrication
with the help of allied thinkers
in totalitarian states
they can be brought around
to join us
in our deplorability
to make America great
like Europe in the 1930’s
so too can we be
in the 2020’s


December 27, 2016

Courses of action
coursing through veins
pumping blood
pumping the shotgun
cold, calculated revenge
against the patriarchy
angry women to the cause
the warning shot came
across the bow
all female kind
put in the crosshairs
their liberty and sovereignty revoked
by act of court
Roe v. Wade overturned
but it’s as if
these callous white men
believed the girls of America
timid, trembling posies
who would do nothing
but accept
but they did not
when freedom is at stake
freedom must be fought for
as they say, there’s a cost
it ain’t free
and old straight red state
evangelical born again Christian males
paid the price
as second amendment solutions
came courting
roving America
criss-crossing the wide miles
of its country
so much desolate nowhere land
so many rednecks alone
a gunshot here
a throat slashed there
blunt beat down
bodies bloated down river
a poisoning, a castration
bleeding out in back alleys
how appropriate
women outlawed by courts
had no choice
but to be outlaws
and they played the part
if abortion is murder then play-on
a murderer thus labeled
to the label must rise
homicide is homicide
from blastocyst
to cataract eyes
how the men feared
the ultimate
in late term extraction
how the men regretted
their unfortunate
miscarriage of justice

Merry F%#@ing Christmas

December 23, 2016

Once there was a time when we could all say
Merry Christmas or happy holidays

Then one day it was a contentious choice
In how we told other folk to rejoice

Sides were taken in an annual war
That never even existed before

What should have been a joyous time of year
Was swallowed by a paranoid fear

Holidayers would steal away their words
And Merry Christmas would seldom be heard

Magic words for the Christmasers mattered
For them this greeting was more than chatter

They didn’t care to simply be polite
Their culture’s at stake in the this holy fight

On teevee they shout until they’re red-faced
Agitating an angry mob debased

They bluster over perceived offenses
Without a hope to come to their senses

So in how you wish others be cautious
For you might just make your neighbors nauseous

Take as a warning this dear little ode
Or else you could make right wing heads’ explode

That’s what Christ would fucking say
Merry-fucking Christmas
Every merry fucking day