Advice for Young Serial Killers

August 24, 2015

When the time came for the talk,
“Never believe them,” the father said
“if they claim they’re on the pill
you wear a rubber anyway.”

The son listened
he always did to the man
with the welting belt

“In fact,” he went on
“you save it. show it
dangle it in front of her
make sure she sees
the jizz in the reservoir
then you put it in an envelope
write her name on it
and date it.”

The boy nodded

“Okay then,” the father said
and left the room satisfied
of the advice and good sense
he had imparted
but the boy never followed through
except for the using the condom bit
he knew pills didn’t stop VD
the rest, however, he knew
was just another weapon
his father drew from his vast arsenal
an armory of abuse
to beat him down
and deny him love

Of Butts and Heads

August 17, 2015

I am confused by both
what comes out of my head
and my ass
it is a sign no doubt
of the overall health of the organism
mind is an excretion of brain
shit an excretion of body
both begin to run aimlessly
clog up
become slow, sludgy
and carry a distinct stink
the aroma of a thing gone off
rotten milk, a drain
an orange rolled behind the refrigerator
and forgotten
as the more time passes
the lesser the chance
I will ever have
to understand

Bestial Flowers

August 13, 2015

Our memories
are not those
of our children
though we want them to be
we tell, we write and instruct
passing knowledge, taste
alleged wisdom
we want them to be
baby ducks in reverse
imprinting ourselves upon them
showing them the shows
in our youth loved
encouraging them to read
what we read
at the age
we read it
for some
the imposition of their religion
upon their young
theirs – possessively
owned by right outright
teaching them to hate
to deny service
to those who differ
in their perception
from them
tribally, sexually
yes, it is different
from sitting your daughter down
to watch The Goonies
but it is the same impetus
that stirs the soup
us old chickens make
and we can’t stop
it’s fundamental to our DNA
but so is rape and genocide
and we have laws
regarding those
so why not regulations
shitting litters of little Godly lilies
into the world’s depleting waters
or better yet
when you see it
stomp it
a swastika tattoo
walking its son
snap the boy’s neck
a confederate flag
waving in the trailer park breeze
a dozen maggots
playing robbers in the yard
mow them all down
don’t let your babies grow up
to be homophobic bakers
racist police
or Republicans
snip those buds and smoke ‘em
before they can blossom


August 11, 2015

polemics dovetail
poetics howlwail
embroidered in a sandal
embroiled in a scandal
misused words
definitions refined
blow by blow detail
of a job blown
color confusions
blue dress
but a coneful of gold
blacked into a corner
a bad trip advisor
spurned lover informer
pillow talk purred
in a prosecutor’s ear
tell the nation on television
Miss Deeds
ovulation unimplanted
unborn bastards
claim no thrones

Invertebrate Burn

August 6, 2015

Their eyes are snails
slow slime
down my body slide
eager spiders up climb
turn and bend
lift and spread
expose ripe insides to the gaze
firm and hard
stiff drink in hand
drops the dollars loose and easy
like they must think
I am…

(Want a dance
what brings you here
private room would you like
another scotch
come this way
oo, giggle, ha-ha
not like that
get your mind out of the sewer
it’s ugly there
and smells nasty
not like these
not like this
you like
for forty more
oh, yeah
there you go, get it
wee, that was nice, so nice)

…and the spent prick limp
falls from my cunt
a lifeless slug
squeezed dead by the heat


August 4, 2015

to grasp eternity
to hold its weight
conceive it in its entirety
is more than a burden
it is a weakness
crippling and debilitating
it is to be
as if bound hand and foot
to a single dead tree
desiccated alone
at the center
of a vast flat desert
windless featureless timeless
no rain snow or cover of cloud
one ceaseless season
as tied to you
as you to it
as at a stake tarred
encircled by a weave of sticks ablaze
where forever you languish in fire
except for the uninterrupted malaise
pressed into you
settled deep within your essence
by the imperishable age
how horrible a curse
this juvenile reward
granted for living
a life of obedience
to a book of fool’s rules

War for White Pussy

August 2, 2015

White supremacist bigots
shooting ducks and fucking for Christ
a plague of redneck ignorance
spreading from the South
over the airwaves it disseminates
a virulency of Caucasian patriarchy
infecting our nation through the tee-vee
it ingrains its malignant sickness
into our culture
through smiling pious faces
the folks next door
sweet and gentle

So what if they believe
homosexuals are an abomination
that should be scoured from the Earth
to appease a vengeful God
and bring blessings upon the USA

So what if they believe
the negro race is inferior
and its proper place is subordinate
to the white man and should serve him
happy blacks singing in his fields

So what if they believe
women ought to be quiet and obedient
cum-catchers shitting children annually
and any who choose to live otherwise
are Satanic hairy-legged whores

So what, okay, so what?

They Come in Peace

July 29, 2015

All that we do is train for war
from science to sport
we hone killing skills
speed, strength, endurance
through labor, drugs, DNA
the people are conned
into combat readiness
by powerfully placed henchmen
in state houses, media and white coats
arbiters of culture
paid off or purchased wholesale
passing laws, bucks and blame
all in the game to grind us down
the public
while simultaneously, contrarily
building our trust
our hearts and minds set
lovingly, knowingly
in the clenched grip of iron-fisted tyrants
certainly we make a show
of discontent
wriggling angrily in the palm of the mighty
but it’s a sham performance
therein we are comfortably muffled
happily curled up into ourselves
helpfully obedient
to the ceaseless beat of war drums
as demonstrated overseas
and so we must be thankful
for our freedom and liberty
our food, shelter and security
life itself is a gift gentle warriors
don’t be ingrates
serve your superiors
trust endlessly
everything’s gonna be okay
but be vigilant
it could all fall apart at any moment
they are coming for you.

Witch’s Oven

July 26, 2015

ignorance renders the first amendment irrelevant
without education
its purpose flounders
its aim off-center, untrue, sinful
a misinformed people
served distortions and lies
cannot distinguish differences
between facts and hearsay
conjecture and logic
worse still
is the disservice done the public
when deliberate fabrication and exaggeration
are the agenda-driven goal
of entire industries
whose single-minded mission
of profit
does not permit questions of ethics
to interfere
with the shareholder’s desired ends
they will deny sound scientific research
squash inquiry and investigation
to fortify their positions
against an increasingly hostile reality
that grants no asylum to fantasy
they will promote politicians and policy
to perpetuate their mendacious acquisition
of power
but their path ever-narrows
as the wilds encroach
to reclaim the well-worn ways
and hack as they might
swinging futilely the machete
truth will devour their bread crumbs
and they
will find themselves a lost as all of us
this shrinking island of humanity
dreaming of the days
when crops never failed
children did not cry nightly in hunger
cash mattered more than calories
and we will crave what was once ours by right
that lost feast of falsehoods
that once sustained us
and kept us blissfully secure
believing everything would be okay
be okay, be okay…

Libertatia of the Gods

July 19, 2015

From beyond the distant
low ridge of hills
the blast could be heard
and felt
as it sent a plume of earth
and thick black smoke
a mile skyward
in a pillar to the soot heavy clouds
filthy rain bombed the lake
and pelted the roofs of the homes
until all the houses
were the same gray
as the anguished landscape

train tracks had been laid
in a senseless chaotic jumble
old coal burning cars
erupted in billows of swirling dark cumulus
from hundreds of tunnels
bore into the far mountain side
only to plunge back
in deranged loops
into the interior

sailing the ocean beyond
great oil tankers cracked like eggs
emptying their bladders into the sea
massive whorls of pitch-slick colors
writhed with dying life
sea birds, seals, fish, dolphins, crabs
all caught in mammoth blobs
twisted and tangled
like a fistful of night crawlers in soil

toxins from strip mines
flowed into head waters
and down rivers
carrying carcinogens and disease
to man and beast alike

forests were razed and burnt

fires roared open and wild

factories that manufactured nothing
sent rank fumes rising into the hazy air

crude was pumped and uncollected
left to run off into dead valleys…

who they were
and why they came to do this
we were never told

upon their arrival to our world
immediately, as their first order of business
they hired lawyers from every state
every country and local municipality
these counselors chose a single defender
to represent the aliens, who,
having more wealth and power
than all earth’s governments combined
they heeded no law
obeyed no regulation
opting instead
to pay the easily afforded pittance
levied as a fine against them
and so it went
for over a hundred years
and then they and our every resource
was gone or wasted beyond use
but weren’t we all glad to know
they paid their dues
every last penny of every last penalty
and thus justice was done.


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