TV Party

A lack of getting out and seeing the sights leads only one way… to taking pictures of the television screen.  I can’t wait for Revelle to grow up and look through the family photo album of all the exciting things teevee has to offer.

Such as this evidence that kooky old nut job, Ron “give me liberty or give me women without reproductive rights” Paul has been out doing his kooky old nut job schtick since at least 1991. The number to call is: 481-3833 (area code 512).  Reports indicate the truck was last seen on I-35 N toward Oklahoma City in April of ’95.

Finding a driver for the truck wasn’t difficult either.  By the way, I heard that gum you like is going to come back in style.

New Flesh flavored Hubba Bubba.

The TV Party will be continued…


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