Thanks for Nothing

“Thank you for choosing Starbucks,” reads the sign, but I didn’t choose Starbucks.  Starbucks was there where no other cafes were.  While the car had its brakes done and oil changed, time needed killing.  As I mercilessly gunned down the passing minutes I realized I don’t like to be thanked for making a choice that I really did not make.  I no more chose Starbucks than I chose for my brake pads to wear out.  The monolithic coffee chain is everywhere – predatorily driving out competitors. No, I did not choose this.  This was chosen for me.  Nobody chose this world.  It’s been torturously sculpted into modernity by the desires of selfish wealth-obsessed assholes determined to get theirs at any cost to you.  So fuck you!  And thank you for choosing rape.

There was another thing I noticed at the Starbucks.  All the lap-toppers were on PCs.  At the independent coffee houses, it’s often difficult to spot one PC in the orchard of Mac users.  What is this coffee chain PC / indie cafe Apple divide?  What does it mean if anything?  Does it say something about these people?  Are the indie cafe lap-toppers more discerning or more cash foolish?  Perhaps, PC users are hard-wired to turn to industry titans?  Or, maybe it’s much simpler.  Maybe Macintosh devotees are simply turned off by green aprons.  I suspect it’s a puzzle I will never solve.


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