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A Real Piece of Mitt

November 6, 2011

Mitt Romney wants to privatize medicare and raise the retirement age. That ought to be great for those Tea Partiers who want the government’s hands off their medicare (Their medicare? That sounds almost like commie entitlement). But no need to worry. They’ll never get it anyway because under Mitt you now work until you die.

It’s an insight into how people like the Koch Brothers and the entitled rich see human beings. People are tools to increase their wealth, power and standing in the world. Human beings, in their eyes, who aren’t working are useless. Children are useless except as future workers. The elderly are useless, unless somehow they can be enticed to work themselves to death. By unraveling public education, they might win back the children as laborers. By raising the retirement age, they can force the aged and infirm to keep on keeping on. The corporations are attacking us at both ends of our brief lives. They feel the young and the old are both dangerously idle in terms of production value, and they will do away with those years of frivolity for the working poor. They will destroy education and eradicate dreams. Childhood will be a word without meaning. Golden years will be a memory for no one left alive. The young and the elderly are in the same boat. They are both being attacked to further the ideological goals of corporate hegemony. But you know what they say about burning candles at both ends. The Koch brothers and their sickening ilk are taking each and every one of us and lighting fires at the beginning and ends of our lives. From what I understand, burning the candle at both ends is something that shouldn’t be done. When the young and the old unite, the revolution started in the sixties will be complete… a circle of life will be formed and the corporations and their shills will be locked out of it.


Pat Tillman

November 6, 2011

It’s football Sunday and there’s one player who’s unable to be out there.  Today would be his 35th birthday.  He had more to offer the world than a corpse in barren Afghani mountains.  He had more to offer than the way the Bush administration and pentagon used him as a political tool.  He had more to offer than to teach a leftie comic strip artist not to be such an assumptive ass.  There are atheists in foxholes, willing ones, choosing their paths.  There are soldiers who read Noam Chomsky, and more than that… understand him.  There are lessons to be learned from Pat Tillman.  The government will lie about anything.  The government will lie to conceal its failures, its mistakes, and the government will use each of us in our own turn to further its own aims.  For me, sadly, Tillman joined the ranks of the martyrs.  He was a soldier we could use today.