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Personhood Shooting Range

November 9, 2011

Mississippi voters have defeated the “Personhood” bill, (hurray!) a ballot initiative that would have granted full human rights to an egg at the moment of conception.* Of course, insanity isn’t cured by voting and the Personhood USA group intends to double down on Mississippi as well as placing new bets on states including: Alabama, California, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Basically, the bill says, once fertilization occurs, you have a full-fledged human being on your hands with all the rights of everybody else, which would raise some interesting questions. Should miscarriage be viewed as homicide or suicide? What of the cases when one twin absorbs another? Should the embryonic murderer be put on trial and if found guilty… aborted as part of the death penalty? And what if the pregnant woman gets caught eating sushi? Where will the line on attempted murder be drawn? There’s lots of potential legal fun for this bill, but the best would be the massive tax drain when all these preborn are used as tax deductions.

Look at that list of states above. It’ll never pass in California, but it’ll show up as an initiative because it’s all too easy to get insanity on the ballot in this state. Alabama and Florida come as no surprise, but I have to wonder… where in the heck’s Indiana? Personhood USA is seriously going to target Wisconsin before Indiana? This would’ve never happened a few years ago, but the presence of Scott Walker and all that Koch money there for the grabbing is a big lure. That poor beleaguered state hasn’t seen nasty action like this since the days of McCarthy and Gein. And not only will Wisconsin be facing their own Personhood bill, but now the governor and his people are looking to broaden what you can do with that legally concealed side arm of yours.

As of now, you can shoot anyone on your property, day or night, if you feel threatened or frightened.

“Damn, how was I supposed to know it was the wife creeping around in the dark on her way from the bathroom back to the bedroom?”

Soon, if the NRA wet dream state comes to fruition, there will be a ‘stand-your-ground’ provision added to the conceal and carry law. What will that mean? If you view anyone as a threat, anywhere, then you can shoot him. Speaking as a man who was once loudly vilified as “a threat to society,” while waiting in line at Target (I’d hate for my death to be ironic), that part of the law worries me. I wonder what legal repercussions this would have on the people’s right to peaceably assemble?

“A rain of bullets erupted from the office’s of the senate today as fearful Republican senators opened fire on what they saw to be a dangerous and thuggish mob howling for their blood.”

Obviously, that’s is so far-fetched as to be completely unbelievable. They’d have the cops do it for them. 99% frightening. 1% fearful. 99% dying. 1% killing.

*Why does life begin at conception? The egg is alive. The sperm is alive. They’re both 100% genetically human so why aren’t they human? Why isn’t every 100% genetically human hair on my head a human life? Why haven’t I been thrown in prison for my vasectomy? After all, it could wind up getting legally defined as ‘false imprisonment.’


A Birthday for MVP

November 9, 2011

Mary Vivian Pearce…