Hart Knocks

It’s Gary Hart’s birthday. He of Donna Rice and the Monkey Business fame. The man who condemned the media for how they handled the story. Boy, if he could see us now (well, he can since he’s very much alive) and how those tactics are used every day by the Republicans who have turned it into one of their irrefutable truths: the media has a liberal bias and is out to destroy the Republican Party. The media’s always blowing stories up all out of proportion. Sexual harassment? Why is that news? I think the people want to focus on the issues… issues like 9-9-9 and, um, pizza toppings. And why is it news every time a homophobic bigot is found soliciting gay sex in a public restroom? Why, you media! Oh well, when hypocrisy is outlawed only outlaws will be hypocrites… so happy birthday Mr. Hart.

And here’s a totally unrelated video because I simply don’t have it in me today to care that much.

Worst album cover of all time? I know there’s lots of tough competition out there, but damn that hideous looking thing has to come close.


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