The Year of the Clown

There’s a sign hanging up in Michele Bachmann’s campaign headquarters that says she is… “Biblically Qualified to be President of the United States.”  I added the period to the end of the quote because her crack squad of graphic sign designers decided it was unnecessary.  There are other things unnecessary at Michele Bachmann’s campaign HQ, such as the existence of it in the first place, but I’m not here to be mean.  There’s a new year upon us, and the continuing dissidence and derangement within the Republican Party it’s promising to shape up 2012 to be the year of the clown.

Once again, I must turn to my anonymous familial source who said Wisconsin governor Scott Walker would be popular if he was…  If he was what?  What do you think my source said?  If he was… less of an ulcerated dickhole?  If he was… a human being?  If he was… not such a heartless scrooge McDuck?  No, it wasn’t any of those.  My source claimed Walker, and thus his policies, would be uniting all of Wisconsin in a big hand holding sing-song round of Kumbaya My Lord if only he was… BLACK!  That’s right because the whole world loves a black man.  Who isn’t more loved than the black man?  Only Jews get more love than the black man.  I know.  I know, but my source said it, and it got me to think… where did this line of reasoning come from?  It’s an entrenched tenant of the right wing actually.  Some of the right actually believes Obama is never criticized because of the color of skin.  They think the media is afraid to levy a solitary negative word against a black president out of fear of getting called racist.  So, essentially, in a country where most people alive today very likely believed they’d never see a black president in their lifetime, suddenly being black is an asset.  When not long ago, Chris Rock was making jokes about the first black president having to be a crack whiz at dodging bullets (literal bullets shot out of a gun), the right wing now perceives blackness as akin to being bullet proof (metaphorical bullets in terms of criticism).  My mind never stops boggling at the logic possessed by the right.  I’d really like to know where thinking like that starts.  Its roots are, of course, totally and completely racist.  Believing that black people have it awesome and that white people are at a disadvantage is simply racist.  First, it’s a distortion of the reality on the ground, but in the world of the increasingly right-shifted Republican no reality is left crystal clear.  Second, it allows the white man to bemoan is miserable lot and life, and, third, it gives the white man someone to blame because of the black man had it worse, then he, the white man, would be doing so much better.  All the white man asks for is a level playing field.  It’s another brick in their fortifying wall of victimization.  Maybe in Rick Perry’s next ad he can tell us he’s not afraid to admit he’s a white man because who has it worse than white Christian men.  Those guys can’t even get away with child rape!  Everybody’s on them about the slightest infraction.  It’s like they’re not allowed to make a single mistake without some liberal crusader jumping all down their throats about the separation of church and state and how posting the Ten Commandments in a courtroom is unconstitutional.  Only a secular atheist Muslim commie fascist would go on record stating, “…no religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”  It’s like the lunatics on the left might think a candidate for president of the United States doesn’t have to by biblically qualified.  Bollocks to that!  It’s in God we trust not Adam and Steve!


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