When I see your Obama bumper sticker right next to one reading, “Goddess on the Loose,” I know, without a doubt, that I seriously loathe you, and that your juxtaposition of stickers simply hurts the progressive cause when a fence straddler sees your car’s rear end and decides he actually wouldn’t mind a misogynistic Republican putting that loose Goddess on ice. I suppose it isn’t too terrible that this is the worst wart inflicting the left. It’s not nearly as hideous as the Christian theocratic tendencies erupting from the suppurating sores of the Republican Party, but it is the same kind of mystical shit insanity. Rather than an ancient cobbled together text of nonsensical delusions and archaic rules that guides the right wing, a piece meal philosophy of wishy-washy Wicca and new age pablum has infected fringes on the left and I can’t tolerate one kind of idiocy over another. Just so I can know where all the irrational nuts stand, you should put your stupid Goddess bullshit back in the cage and go out and get yourself a Jesus fish and Santorum 2012 sticker. You’ll be better off in the long run and so will the left. Jesus, that fucking Goddess bumper sticker put me one step closer to requiring a “Crazed Gunman on the Loose” sticker on my own bumper. And at least mine would be the truth. Bang, bang, shoot, shoot.


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