I guess Tim Tebow pisses me off more than I thought because this post isn’t very nice at all

Just what in the fuck is supposed to be so inspiring about Tim Tebow compared to any other quarterback past or present in the NFL? Is it because his birth was supposed to have killed his mother, but his mother’s belief in musty old Bronze Age myths prevented her from aborting that highly unnecessary threat to her existence? Is that what it is? Or is it because the credulous fucking wanker won’t stop flapping his prolapsed anus of a mouth about his nonexistent lord and savior? This guy is only inspiring twatty oxygen deprived Denver Broncos fans to hold up their “Believe, believe, believe” signs. You can repeat that word all you want, but it won’t make your false and poorly reasoned beliefs true. One dumb prick said Tebow is inspiring because he’s not afraid to speak about his Christian beliefs because, as we all know, Christians are this persecuted minority hiding in shadows who would never dare to speak up about their genocidal maniac God and his criminally executed shithead of a son out of fear of imprisonment or worse. Not afraid. Since when have Christians become this weeping sodden mass of fearful cowards? I wish them fear of speaking out about their idiotic and childish beliefs, but thus far I’m not seeing much of it. I can only hope that Tebow’s Broncos keep winning, and find themselves faced off against Green Bay in the Superbowl so the Pack can stomp the bleeding fool Jesus out of his backwards head. Now that would be fucking inspiring. That would have me writing epic poetry and full-blown grand fucking operas to the fallen douche-Christ hero of the credulous NFL masses. Enjoy your victory today Tim Tebow because there will be no victory after your death when you and your ignorant fantasies about the nature of the universe cease to exist just as if your mother had done the sensible thing all those many years ago.


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