Party of Piss Patriots Takes a Grand Old Piss

Some marines micturated on the bodies of dead Taliban enemy combatants, and several right wing political commentators, including Pamela Geller, Dana Loesch of CNN and former GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump have all praised the actions of these marines. “Our Marines are sent to kill the Taliban not coddle them. USMC should be praised not investigated. Semper Fi!” said Trump. “I love these Marines,” said Geller. Dana Loesch said she would gladly “drop trou and do it too,” and then added “I want a million cool points for these guys. Is that harsh to say? Come on people, this is a war. What do people think this is?” I think people, including the military high command, think this is conduct unbecoming a marine, but if these pathetic piss cheerleaders think urinating on corpses is something the cool marines get to do, then conscript them into service and put them to work pissing all over hostile territory. I’m guessing these demented golden shower fans will do a lot more of pissing themselves than on the enemy. The right wing goes further and further off the rails everyday. I say piss on Geller, Loesch, Trump and his hair. None of them are doing anything to tie the room together.

update — Trump’s statement about the Marines not being investigated is incredibly crass considering the investigations will be internal, handled by the Marines themselves, therefore Trump is telling the Marines how to conduct their business and how to handle discipline.


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