Tea Party Response Steeped in Anger

The Tea Party gets to go on air with a response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. They’ve picked Herman “you want a job, don’t you?” Cain for the task. This is fine by me. I want more voices on the television, but I also want honesty. Just what in the fuck is the Tea Party? They don’t have a presidential candidate (in case they’ve all forgotten, and I know right-wingers have microscopic and selective memories, but Cain, and the other Tea Party darling, Bachmann, both ran as Republicans). Tea Party candidates simply do not appear on any ballots. I just see them in small gatherings wearing old-timey hats and pantaloons, pining for the pre-civil war days, and hoisting signs bearing some semi-literate scribbles expressing their deeply entrenched racism. If they get to have a televised response to the SOTU, then what of the Socialist Party or the Green Party or the Libertarian Party (not Ron Paul – he’s a Republican) or how about an OWS response to the SOTU? What we need is a greater balance. I don’t want to hear only from the men driven mad by power. We don’t need Herman Cain’s response. How will it be different from the deluge of hatred sputtered out of the ulcerated lips of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly or the countless others of their tenor, mutilating the public airwaves with rage and derision? You know what’d be different? Getting a response from a homeless crack whore whose most valuable possession, her crack pipe, is hidden in her vagina. Or better yet, let her vagina respond to the SOTU. It’ll make a damn sight more sense than Herman Cain, and if Herman likes what he sees, then maybe he’ll give the vagina a job, but if he does that, then it’ll just become entitled and all elitist, and we sure don’t want that.


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