From Wikipedia: “Gingrich was born in south central Pennsylvania, to a teenage mother. He was adopted in infancy by his stepfather, a career soldier. Due to his stepfather’s occupation, Gingrich lived in several states during his youth.”

It’s not easy for kids to be moved around a lot as they grow up. They become rootless and disenfranchised. In the case of Gingrich we have a man who to this day has no clear foundation. He changes his wives, policy positions and religion as frequently as most people change their mattresses. A lack of stability and social cohesion can lead directly to moral bankruptcy. That’s why the Bible, as it was original intended, makes such a big deal about being an Israelite – sharing a culture of mutual genital mutilation that will somehow assure they’ll be the inheritors of the Earth. It’s important to establish rules for the group to function, but Newt has never been a part of any group. He was cast away by his own political party for gross ethical violations, and that happened while he was the speaker of the house. He frequently attacked the policies of Ronald Reagan, believing he, Newt Gingrich, to be a man of superior ideas and intestinal fortitude to defeat those communists. Newt would have used the bomb, and why? Simply so he’d be remembered as the man who did it. He has left wives for younger, healthier women when they fall ill and are therefore no longer useful or politically expedient in his unending, unquenchable thirst for power and recognition. All he has is himself. He knows relationships for him are short-lived and that he’s past the age where he will easily forge new ones. He is on a trajectory to a life alone. He would leave his current, and third, wife in a second. He would jump from Catholicism to full-blown born again evangelical if he deemed the political climate fruitful enough for such a move. He is a man unhinged, from nowhere and with nothing inside other than self-serving egomania, and this presidential run is his one last dazzling bid for glory; the end game where everyone must bow to Newt and accept him as the big idea man genius of the land. But what are his big ideas? To put the children of the poor to work scrubbing toilets and to build a lunar colony up on the “space coast.” He claimed in one of the debates that he was an army brat. He may just not be lying about that one thing. Because only a brat would think child labor is a good thing to help build a work ethic. Only a drifter with no sense of community would target the children of the community’s least fortunate and put them to work scooping the turds of the golden elite. Newt is an antisocial predator of the poor. He hates America. He hates America’s communities (disparages President Obama for his role as a community organizer). He hates the whole damn planet, and the only place he can foresee an escape is space… the moon. Newt can leave this world behind, finally and completely. It’s what his heart desires. A cold dead world for a cold dead man.


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