Grandpa’s Turn!

Newt’s time in the Republican primary’s center ring has reached its sad and highly predictable end just as did Bachmann’s and Cain’s and Perry’s and Santorum’s. Each clown is given their Warholian 15 to do the grand old bigot dance before getting swept away with the rest of the elephant dung and stale peanut shells. Ultimately, only Willard “Mitt” Romney will remain, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t time for everybody’s favorite crazy old man of the Bald Brummies Against The Big-Footed Conspiracy Party… Mr. Dr. Ron Paul who’s running on a racist platform against the civil rights act, which dear old R.P. believes never should’ve been passed because it violates his fetishistic concept of liberty by taking away our freedom to whites only lunch counters! Go GOP – the last mad straw to be drawn awaits the delight of your hooting hordes! Please, anoint the wrinkly one for his day in the sun! If only so the old fool has a chance to flap his arrogant gums on the major networks so everybody can bear witness to the hateful worm that has burrowed into the belly of the once conservative Republican Party.


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