Crazy Old Man Goes Crazy

I was sitting in the café, and in walked one fine repugnant example of the amplified and hateful craziness of the right wing. He was wearing a blue button up shirt with something about the blood of Jesus Christ embroidered in piss yellow thread on the back. His hat bore the flag of Israel on one side and the flag of the United States on the other, and he, apropos of nothing, found an internal reason to scream about how America used to be number one and now we’re zero. He was shouting, angrily working to burst out the capillaries of his anus. He was the perfect example of the right. Always screaming about American exceptionalism while simultaneously going on and on about how this country’s lost it because, you know… Mexicans, queers, anyone who doesn’t think exactly as they do. They’ve trapped themselves in a horrible contradiction. They’re in a love/hate relationship with their own country. They have no metric by which to measure it. We were number one, but now we are zero? Right-wingers are absolutely apoplectic with rage over the issue of immigration. They know America is great because all these immigrants want to flood into the country for all those easy jobs, but at the same time, the country is the worst in the world… a zero land. They’re headbanging against the walls of logic hurts my brain. Before the old bigot walked out, after some thinly veiled ranting against Mexicans, he loudly (loud was his only volume) sang us a song. A Navy tune. One of the kids working asked the old man if he’d served. No, but the glory of those who do is all of ours to exploit.


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