Santorum’s Faithy Tales

Santorum is the current GOP presidential frontrunner. He is a man who breaks bread with noted white supremacist, Bob Vandervoort. He thinks birth control is an abomination against God. He thinks women should be forced to bear the children conceived of a rapist’s attack… even if that rapist is their father, brother, uncle… He believes biblical creationism should be taught as science and that evolution is just a theory, and that anthropomorphic global warming is a myth perpetrated by leftists to end freedom. He is a man who believes homosexuality is the same as corpse fucking. He is quite simply deranged, hateful, fantasy prone and swept up in one of the most dangerous conspiracy theories since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and on top of all this, he walks away from the Church when it doesn’t suit the will of his corporate masters. Money and power trumps God every time.
When asked, “With you lining up with the Catholic faith on so many issues, why not the Catholic Church on health care since it is a value and a human right?” He hemmed and hawed and eventually came to this answer, “… do I believe that people should have the opportunity to purchase health care? Yes. Do I believe that it is the right that the government should impose and control? No. It’s one thing to say that people have a right to access of care. It’s another to say that the government should be the implementer of that. And something tells me that government is the least effective tool to make that the best possible care.”
I’ll tell you what Rick, I want the best possible president, but I know I’m not going to get it. I am also not looking for the best possible care. I don’t even know what that would be. The best possible? I hope the best possible health care doesn’t exist yet. I have dreams for the immortality of man, but I’m not asking to be immortal here. Republicans behave as if we are to have two choices, no health care or THE BESTEST FREAKING CARE EVARRR!!!!!! Black and white, no compromise, blinded by their devout corporate loyalties as much as their delusional faith in iron age fairy tales. One last thing, Rick Santorum, if there’s ever been a ‘least effective tool,’ it’s you.


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