Rape Panels and Prenatal Care

Women in Virginia in need of an abortion now face the Republican rape panels before they can get a routine medical procedure.  This is typical of small government Republicans.  The government should be recruited into forcing women to undergo an unnecessary vaginal penetration, but it shouldn’t hand out food stamps.  You have this on one side: the government will attempt to shame you by shoving a trans-vaginal ultrasound wand up your cunt for no reason whatsoever.  And then on the other Santorum covered hand they are against prenatal screening for women who fully intend to give birth.  The Republican fear is that if the prenatal screening shows that the baby will be horribly deformed, then some women will choose to terminate the pregnancy.  If this had been a law when my wife and I decided to have a kid, then we never would have.  The amniocentesis showed that we wouldn’t be bringing a chromosomally damaged human into the world, a thing I had absolutely no intention of doing, but the Republican masters don’t care.  They’re all fucking rich and when they give birth to deformed and diseased babies, then they’ll just have their armies of nannies take care of the things.  Abortion isn’t an issue for the rich.  There’s never a concern of another mouth to feed or of the high biological cost of raising a child – especially one with special needs – because they have servants to do that shit for them.  The sudden unexpected burden of raising a special needs child can tear a family apart… You know, families, those things Republicans say they care so much for.  My biological energies are limited, and I didn’t want to spend them on a such a child.  There are those who choose to, and they’re certainly built of more caring, sterner and nurturing stock than I.  So if Santorum had his way, then I wouldn’t have had a child.  Or would I have?  Perhaps the theocrat would have banned vasectomies because the pope trumps America’s laws every time.


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