More Basic Hostility Towards Everything

On the one hand I have the Dalai Lama’s status update telling me that education without warmheartednesss (as if that’s even a word) leads to negativity, which, frankly, is something I think the Dalai Lama could be accused of.  I think it’s highly negative to spend ones entire adult life faking at spiritual piety while whining the whole time about losing his country.  You know how many people lost their countries?  The answer is both lots and very few.  If you lost a country, then I’d say you’re one lucky fucker.  If only Saddam Hussein hadn’t been hung in such a perfunctory fashion, then maybe he could have bitched and moaned and made like a spiritual goon his whole life acquiring loads of hypocritical liberal support.  And then on the other hand I see a comment that goes something like, “There is beauty in everything if you just take the time to look for it!”  That’s the kind of comment I see on Facebook that just makes me want to kill.  I want to show the poster his own fucking guts and ask him to show me the beauty in his disembowelment.  What asinine feel good bullshit.  We live in a world of more ugliness and horror than beauty, and taking time out to look for the beauty in child rape and self-mutilation and drug addiction isn’t going to make it magically appear because those things are never beautiful and neither is anybody who suggests they might be.  Man, the fucking internet really pisses me off sometimes.  Wait, no, it’s not the internet, it’s the people using the thing.  Using this wonder of science to unload primitive spiritual goo and aesthetic philosophies that would make any non-fascist shudder.


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