Nine Years

Happy anniversary America!  Nine years ago today, most of the country caught a collective insanity from the Republican madmen in power.  The media and the government worked together in lockstep unison as they heralded a war against Iraq as necessary to maintaining our freedoms.  Bush and Cheney were grinning form ear to ear to ear.  They were off to war.  They were in the liberation game.  Well, liberating became the battle cry later.  First, we had to get rid of the imminent threat posed by those WMDs.  I guess those took care of themselves though… by not the fuck existing.  Bullet dodged there.  Truly though, not all of the country fell under the hypnotic sway of blood on the streets of Baghdad.  There were people out protesting the war, but most Americans did not like these protesters.  No, the average dink on the street had words for the protesters.

“They should all go to the West Bank and be left there,” said passerby Michael, 33, shaking his head. “They’re cowards, every last one of them.” 

“I think they’re a bunch of morons,” said Monica, 28, as she turned away from the scene. “We’re fighting a war against terrorism. They’re not Americans.” 

Of course, it was all about fighting terror, and had nothing to do with anything else.  Nothing to do with anything else at all.

“The Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) unit of Halliburton, of which Cheney was CEO from 1995 to 2000, said late Monday that it was awarded a contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to put out oil fires and make emergency repairs to Iraq’s oil infrastructure.”

“Southern Iraqi oil fields are secure, and coalition forces are making good progress to take control of the rest of the country, US President George W. Bush told reporters.”

“Donald Rumsfeld also asserted that one of the strategic objectives in the coming days of Iraqi invasion will be to secure the remaining oil fields.”

“U.S. and British troops moved swiftly today to secure Iraq’s vital oil facilities.”

“Colonel Steve Cox, commander of the landing force: “The U.S. Marines are moving well into the Rumaila oil fields and it seems like we will be able to seize much of the oil structure intact.”

“Blair said the objective in the north of Iraq was to protect the region’s Kurds,
to secure its oil fields…”

“US-led forces have made a priority in the current war of trying to secure
Iraq’s oil fields.”

“The oil markets could simply say we are fine because we know the oil fields are secure.”

“Coalition forces have captured a number of key facilities in Iraq’s southern oil fields.”

“The Pentagon has said it would try to secure Iraqs oil fields quickly.”

“Iraq’s oil fields apparently secured, the question now is how soon wells, pipelines and pumping stations can go back into operation.”

And the country reaffirmed it’s love for the man who threw us so whole-heartedly into war by re-electing him in 2004, and then this fickle bitch of a nation elected the next president based on some loose promises to end the war.  This is a country of people standing in the customer service line at Target to return a can of dented tomato soup.


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