Running Conservative and then Running Scared

Romney is all shook up about the whole Etch-a-Sketch analogy.  “I’m running as a conservative Republican. I was a conservative Republican governor. I’ll be running as a conservative Republican nominee,” he said. “The policies and positions are exactly the same.”  Last night on her Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel Maddow did an excellent piece about how easily, constantly and even unnecessarily Mitt Romney lies, but I’ll say this here, when he says, “I’m running as a conservative Republican,” he’s telling the truth, but please note… He doesn’t say, “I’m a conservative Republican,” which is, you’d think, what most people accused of being a truth evading, policy flip-flopper might affirm, but not Romney.  He’s running as a conservative Republican, but he isn’t one.  It’s a mask he’s wearing to the ball.  After midnight (a.k.a. the Republican convention) he will proudly step back to the center.  He will doff his rich fippery, and step back into the workingman’s apparel.  It’s hard to believe he can be this crass, but at sometime in his past as a politician, he decided the shoe fit, and that shoe is the beloved flip-flop, but you’re not allowed to flip-flop-flip.  There is no such shoe as a flip-flop-flip.  You can’t wear it, and I hope the voters see that shoe is a sham; that it’s a cruel shoe.  Either you can win the presidency as a “severely conservative” Republican or you can’t.  Mitt Romney has proudly waved the freak flag of his severe conservatism, and now he wants to run it back to half-mast.

Romney is the one who will win the Republican nomination.  The party elders want it that way because the GOP knows, deep in it’s black little heart, that America doesn’t want a severely conservative anything in power.  The GOP knows the positions their candidates are taking in this prolonged primary will be untenable in the general.  That’s why it has always been Romney’s, and the party’s, intention to swerve back to center after this crank of the wheel hard to the right.  The problem is, they’ve gone so far off the road, they’re lost in the dust, and when they get back, the ruin to their machine will be fully evident… worthless on the resale market.  You’re not going to sell me what you’ve taken on a road trip from here, through to Alaska, and back again, and that’s where they went.  Palin’s at the wheel of this party now, and if I were Rush Limbaugh, this is where I’d make a crack about female drivers, but since I ain’t, let me add this: Hillary ’16.  First, a black man, and then a woman.  Let’s freak these dinosaurs out.


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