Tweet of Terror

Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr have both committed acts of malign twittering.  Spike didn’t even get it right when he tweeted what he thought was George Zimmerman’s home address, but in fact was an elderly couple’s home address who have nothing to do with George Zimmerman.  Spike has since apologized, but not for what he thought he was doing; he’s sorry for his mistake.  Roseanne Barr tweeted the home address of George Zimmerman’s father, and has encouraged retweets of the address.  Still another twitter account has been set up under the name “Kill Zimmerman.”  When did this resounding condemnation of vigilantism become vigilantism?  Am I missing something here?  What is the purpose of posting a person’s home address?  Do they want violence to befall the person?  Do they want the person to be frightened by the possibility of violence?  What is it?  Is it a terror tactic?  I guess when it comes down to it nobody trusts the law to do right anymore.  Not George Zimmerman.  Not Spike Lee.  Not Roseanne Barr.  Not the person who set up the anonymous Twitter account “Kill Zimmerman.”  I can’t say I blame any of them.  When we pass stupid laws like “stand your ground” or laws forcing vaginal penetration by ultrasound wand for women seeking abortions or laws that refer to large segments of our population as “illegals,” it’s time to seriously start questioning our law makers, but murder and threats are unlikely to help.  Posting people’s addresses online for the unhinged lunatic fringe to respond to is terrorism.  No two ways about it.  It’s why Tennessean Republicans are looking to publish abortion information online, giving out the names and home addresses of doctors who perform the procedure, and the medical information of women who the procedure performed.  It’s terrorism and must be stopped.  Glad to see Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr and the misogynistic xenophobes of the Republican base line up on this one.  All things are possible when we work together.  Let’s all form a circle, hold hands and sing Kumbaya My Lord.


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