We are living under a radicalized Supreme Court that ignores precedent and aggressively seeks an agenda of international corporate fascism, allowing corporations to anonymously dump billions of dollars into our democratic political campaigns, and now they are set to turn back the clock on healthcare, stripping affordable care from millions of our nation’s poor, and setting the stage for a private monopoly on health.  It’s disturbing when a Supreme Court justice, Scalia, repeats FOX News’ talking points when discussing a case…

“Scalia doesn’t seem to realize that the so-called “Cornhusker kickback” wasn’t included in the Affordable Care Act; it was taken out before passage. Scalia probably heard something about it on Fox News, assumed it was true, and internalized his party’s talking points. More than two years later, the conservative justice is still parroting a claim that has no basis in fact — indeed, he’s practically boasting about it during Supreme Court oral arguments.”

FOX News has done irreparable harm to politics in this country, and now it’s evident they’ve also scorched our justice system.  Welcome to the United States of Corporate Lobbyists.  Hope you don’t have any pre-existing conditions because, how do I break this to you?  …you’re going to die of it.  On every tier of Republican politics facts are ignored.  It’s bad when that’s coming from the governor’s mansions, but when it’s coming from our judges, who should be relying on facts, who should be trained to separate bullshit from reality, it’s truly disturbing.  That fat bastard extension of Ronald Reagan’s is an embarrassment to the country, to the justice system and the tradition’s of the court.   He has shamed his position as surely as if he took a big steaming dump straight onto the bench.


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