To Hell With Thy Neighbor

Society takes advantage of compassion
to care for others
to feel, to love
will bring on the wrath
of those who care
for themselves
who feel
heavy the burden upon the rich man’s back
and cannot have love greater
than they can hate those who have great love.
The compassionate will have their compassion
brought against them like a willingness
to accept gifts from enemies.
Terror tactic speech acts will flay and flop open
conscience to the unyielding egocentric bone.
Curses will be manufactured out of cares –
You are a bleeding heart!
You are a socialist!
You are a pig!
If you wonder who the compassionate ones are
look no further than the paycheck
of the teacher, the nurse, the fireman
the police officer and social worker.
You’ll find them in foreclosing homes.
You’ll find them in collapsing unions.
You’ll find them on the state budget’s chopping block
and when they are finally hacked to kibble
the streets will overrun with the ignorant and
the infirm – epidemics will ravage nations
unchecked fires consume billions –
the mad, the destitute, the hungry, the murderous and rapacious
they will be at the doorstep, knocking
in this perfect atmosphere of foaming dog-spit hatred
willfully created and malignantly nurtured…
the cancer is in the marrow
the heart has bled its last blood
and not aluminum scrap
gnawed crust or sucked cob
will be your prize
at the end of the long hopeful line
to the sticky bottom of the public
garbage bin.


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