A True Inspirational Tale of Defeat

Inspiration emerges from deformity
severed limbs, cancer
a two-legged dog hopping along
battles of the crippled
tales of profound childhood adversity –
crack addict fathers
mum’s on crystal meth and welfare
the youngest of eight boys
happy for hand me down underwear
geological layers of shit stains

Inspiration springs from mental deficiency
downs syndrome, stroke victims, Alaskans
who overcome thanks to deep and abiding
faith… In the belief that God
don’t make trash
contrary to all evidence irrefutably suggesting otherwise
the human bin of garbage spills over,
but these stories of individuals
clinging to hope – consuming their own body’s meat
to save their lives
running on prosthetic spring-loaded legs –
amazing feats of advanced scientific engineering –
to praise their gods

Inspiration erupts from these meticulously manicured narratives
like a burst sewage line unable to take anymore shit
and the little pigs all fight to suck the overflow
coalescing and seeping from the monstrous baboon-like
prolapsed rectum of humanity’s insatiable lust
for pathetic fantasies
by which to console itself
during its short and meaningless stay
in a universe wholly indifferent to struggle
win or lose
the cold is coming
and now is no time to quit the fire


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