White History

The world is changing too fast
for our pudding white ass
no power is permanent, yet
we dread the natural decline,
tighten our grip on the rope
and still we slide
hands burnt raw by insurmountable friction
when our people were master
assistance, aid, access to services
was granted by a big grinning Caucasoid face
squeezed out the top of a necktie
like a victim of lynching
see how friendly we are
what with our food stamps and affirmative action
(that we give to you – let you have)
always available to lend a pale helping hand
and in return
it would be a tremendous comfort
if you could be so kind as to shuffle and bow
avert your eyes and call us all,
to the last honky in the trailer park,
or ‘Ma’am’ – can’t forget about the women
even if we’d like to
uppity harpy harbingers rooting ‘round in the closet for equality –
well that shit don’t fly
it hits fans, this political correctness…
you know to what political correctness is synonymous?
Inclusion: to niggers, faggots and whores
the invading mud race hordes
enough is enough
we’re shutting the system down
pulling the plug on public services
scissors to the safety net
bombs to bridges
running away, leaving infrastructural waste
and taking the money with
(to us, that’s all America really is anyway – loot)
So, no more America for you
if we can’t have it, then
no one can



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