Open Letter to a Welfare Case

You will work for your welfare
earn it off the consumption of your dignity
your self-respect
your ears will labor in anguish as they hear
about your failures: moral and social
how you are a leach and don’t deserve kindness
They will suck at your spirit until it is a forgotten stain
a sad shaking thing, pissing itself in the long shadows
of your life, your life the burden on honest others
your every breath a theft,
your beating heart a trespass against the hard working people
off of whom you feed, to put it kindly, but remember,
kindness you don’t deserve – you are an economic rapist
a sucking subhuman under-thing
squirting crass brats out your cunt
like a thuggish mob streaming into the streets,
to overthrow, destroy a great nation, and in the end,
overcrowd the prisons – furthering systemic strain
through your ever increasing dependency… a thing
lacking value…
keeping people content is too great an expense
for your betters to bear
you aren’t worth it
your parks and libraries aren’t worth it
the teachers of your children aren’t worth it
your neighborhoods festering in rat-stink disease
aren’t worth it… always demanding, wanting more
crying for assistance, for housing, for food,
but these are not guarantees
in a free society, the greatest on Earth…
Need proof?
Just look at the happy people out there:
driving cars, unconcerned about the price of meat,
examining the wine selection.
Why are they them and you you?
Do you think there’s a magic formula?
Do you think the government just upped and gave it to them?
No, you are you because you deserve to be you,
as you shuffle ashamed through your life,
ragged, filthy, scrounging…
never forget, as you whine, about your lot,
about the rich, that they are the charitable ones,
they are the reason why you’ve got what you’ve got… got it?


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