Scatter my sunshine like fungal spores over tilled fields
Scatter my goodwill like virus along city streets
idyllic nature and urban blight alike
distort the song in my heart out of tune
pharmaceutical advertisers promise me a way
to set the melody straight and in key
but I obsess upon hate and whiskey
the tune I wish to sing drowns
chokes out in sweet tobacco
what they’ve got the liquor stores got better
Scatter my smiles, my caress and exploration
Scatter it miles, in duress and extermination
city mouse and country rat are friends
an unholy alliance setting unavoidable traps
inescapable temptations for Homo Parasitica man
who grows his nightmares in the compost of wasted dreams
who nurtures future generations in iron age bullshit
who forgets future melody in death metal cacophony
as I struggle onward in an attempt to
Scatter my hatreds that coalesce in darkened bars
Scatter my nihilism that rapes the harmony out of my day,
casting my light negative through an inverse prism
taking all the scattered colors of the spectral rainbow,
and reducing them to black like a rotten broth
heated too long
on the gas flames of my heart
clean burning – odorless – blown out
building without detection in the unventilated house
until I lay me down to sleep
all my disparate elements final coming home to scatter


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