dark-set eyes like candles down a well
too deep to scavenge out in a bucket
a tortuous caution creeps through every word
enunciated slow to avoid the stutter
an asthmatic wheeze and gulp between each idea
fight in tandem as new thoughts come
they put you on the spot
denier, leveler, skeptic
atheist – You answer! You answer me now!
What is the diameter of yellow?
How many rabbits to the furlong?
When is your favorite chess master?
What is the meaning of life?
hands are sewed on backward
tongue is upside down
and your only means of communication
is licking cryptic messages
onto your palms then cupping
my cheeks like a last caress
of a departing love –
they stole the tools
rigged the questions
to doom us to lose
as we pull out the yardstick
to calculate the weight of a dead mole
in centimeters squared


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