Memorializing Time Immemorial

Arid aphorisms promising rain
float on hot desert winds,
kicking up dusty platitudes
off the parched lips of optimistic dowsing fools
carrying their cock-eyed cross
across the sands of their old time religion
searching for waters in a desiccated promised land
where heat stroke is the only gusher blowing
folly straight into the sun-crisped imaginations
of socially isolated goat herding ne’er-do-wells
who have nothing more to offer than smiles at a funeral
because they’ve decided
all on their special own
the cessation of life is wonderful
for one of two reasons
either you die and live forever
erect and fucking for all eternity
the bad guys suffer in their bad-guys’ afterlife

As poverty is to a sale at Wal-Mart
their thoughts are as to cologne poured down a cesspit
a palliative that might at first glance
appear to offer a reprieve, relief
an escape
out of the suffocating stench of hungry despair
but upon closer inspection
only deepens the shit
from which there is no hope for freedom


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