Crash Course Crashes

Invasions upon the suffering
all fall upon those who afford to suffer least
fore the Lord afflicts the horribly afflicted –
a judge of perverse justice – punishment upon the poor
it is His way – say “Hallelujah” – hurray!
vigor is the path of the righteous –
falling on incorporated fields of the formerly independent
brought down on scabbed knees, in bands
in tornadoes of beasts, savoring
unholy – or blasphemously Godly – feasts
succulent deliverance by mandibles mindless
secrets in the houses of the whispering
forbid foreknowledge of forthcoming swarms
how hand in hand God and weather work
God and animal agree
God and disaster delight
all in step
all out of step
bah bah black sheep have you any coal
naked in the mines, little boy –
scrotal cancer beset
the canary never sang your song
of civilizations
of manifest destinations
of all the death upon what we now rest
in our state of glorious glee
because it is we – invaders of the sufferers
judge’s of what is just – deciders of the decidable
we rule this course of life as it for now courses, terribly temporarily


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