Just Who Do You Think You Are?

in these dim dancing lights
illuminating who you are
jump eerie lurching shadows
your uncertain glances into the past

history painted in vivid hues
highly detailed reconstructions
fantastical embellishments
lightly rooted in the loose firmament of
distortion, alteration, full fabrication
a thousand words isn’t worth
the low resolution photography of our minds
sharpened into harsh unreliable relief
buzzing in the progressively deteriorated refrains
of our belief – what are we, all of us
frankenstein’s monsters of the mental kind
amalgamated pastiches formed from
the capricious whims of mania and depression
blown like wild seed across the glade
growing in the arbitrary chance of wind
who we are is who we’ve created
what we’ve come to believe
all of us burdened under the gravity
of one inescapable repressed memory
that for most goes unrecovered forever
the simple irrepressible fact that
before we were all these fictions of our lives:
hero, christian, genius, drunkard, drone
[ … ] we weren’t


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