Roll Ovah Jehovah

and your balls have been removed
hacked off and more
it’s all gone – all of it
you’ve heard of phantom limbs
the worst of all is the phantom cock
it’s still there, spiritually
the sense of it
a big ethereal erection
Gh-gh-gh-ghost boner
what’s to do but wander
the streets
searching for your holy grail
a woman without a cunt
a bidextrous Amazon
spiritual tits itching the ether
home for what you do not have
humping the mystery spot
knocking up the angels
ramming it into the 4th dimension
penetrating time and space and pussy
retreat – zoom-out to the edge
of the world, solar system, galaxy
out to the edge of the universe
and past it into what ever kind of nothing
is past it and look back
Hawking is partly correct
a donut-shaped universe
not quite
it’s a cunt – cuntesque
full of stars, comets & quasars
world after world: reeling, rollicking, bleeding
beautiful radiant cunt of eternity
and god’s there waiting in the wings
just off stage – stage right
and beware – watch your ass
that bastard’s with the fluffer


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