Let the Sunshine In

The schoolgirl’s crayon drawing
has a happy sun
shining on the home of her nuclear family
all lined up on the lawn for inspection
teeth bared, straight and white
Mother, Father, older Brother and her
holding hands, all in smiles
like the sun blazing massive above
and in that sun’s eyes, in its joyous rictus, is a madness
grinning insanely on fire
crackling crazy
having the last laugh
before exploding nova, super-style energy blasts
flash-frying the grass
the manatees and earwigs
the tapeworms and goats
the happy families
the murderers
and dictators, rapists,
child molesters and priests
proving every cloud has its silver lining
except all the ones
instantaneously boiled away
when that psychotic super star went
all suicide bomber up in our ass
furious at this planet of the infidels
no longer imbuing it with sentience and will
or praising its illuminating ways and warmth
thinking instead it’s just a faceless fusion machine
a fiery gas ball that doesn’t punish
that bestows no rewards
that hungers not for virgin meat
barring in the construction paper art
of 2nd grade girls
placing their loved ones all in a row
for a ‘blow the reactor’ sacrifice
to the last angry god.


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