In Defense of Wealth

In the interest of religion
the interest of death
the rich and poor we divide
as wheat from chaff
as divine wrath
moral failure is poverty
without wealth
work and effort are bongo drums
beat against the rhythm of power

To justify influence and oppression
there’s no better ally than God
duty to the poor is none
to the dependent, none
judgment is the realm of the empowered
and the greater the breadth of your prejudices
the more you will see the hand of God
in the misfortune of others

In the interest of politics
in the interest of accumulated interest
lack of cash is a lack of worth
handouts for welfare and beggars undoes God’s endless blame, love
God’s will is advantage to the rich, to the powerful
in the great chain of causation
the prime mover has no trouble having an end in the pit
and into the hells people pour,
for in terms of preventative medicine
it is cheaper to keep people happy than in prison

In the interest of liberty
in the interest of life
the true patriots speak – in protest, united
calling for fairness in the face of mocking laughter,
and it’s easy to malign them
simple to say they’re lazy, filthy, concupiscent animals
because greatness should never go unpunished
in defense of wealth


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