Do it.
Do what it says,
drink it in moderation,
check for tears before using,
before rolling on & squeezing in to a warm moist place.
If you do not refrigerate after opening
somewhere an animal will be cruelly tortured,
skinned alive
and then stored in a cool dry place.
Keep cool, stay dry, keep dry, stay cool
warm and moist.
Read the instructions, for best results shake thoroughly,
shake it, shake it, shake it now DT Baby.
We want results, and if you do too
then you’d best heat slowly and serve hot
while avoiding eye contact, all eye contact.
If you make eye contact run for cover,
scream in hell and distress from the hill tops and sea sides
and keep away from open sources of flame.
Follow carefully all instructions.
Keep out of reach of children.
Check for tearing before use
to avoid eye contact with children
expose them to open flame.
For best results expose your soul
to open flames.
Do not spray in eyes. Do not call for help.
Your condition is normal if you only had the proper pills,
taken in precise sequence under the rye harvest moon:
happiness, erections, bladder control and an increased desire
to breathe vapors — avoid breathing vapors,
avoid breathing,
to be safe, do not breathe, avoid eye contact and wear gloves at all times.
Double thick sheep-skin gloves.
Await instructions,
read thoroughly or many thousands will suffer a similar fate.
Do not suffer fate. Beware fatal suffering.
Caution. Caution children.
Use your own discretion.
Your own discretion is broken. Borrow my discretion, use it,
but aim away from face, contents under pressure,
if rectal vomiting should occur call your family Jesus for help and
keep your cock out of reach of children.
In case of accidental exposure cop a feel,
then a plea, a plea for compassion, compassionate eye contact,
long and loving eye contact — with children
exposed to flame,
unable to keep cool, unable to shake it well,
shake the feeling that moderation will never be enough —
In your cool,
high & dry place, can you feel it?
Do not feel it.
If shortness of breath should occur be thankful it could be worse.
You could be feeling it like I am.


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