Nazis Aren’t Funny

Stand-up in front of the group
apart from it
the derelict stooge up on the stage
dropping his lines like coins on dead eyes
digging for the horrid, the obscene
the embarrassing… but yet and still
the communal
that’s what comedy is, turning on a dime
spouting antisocial rhetoric
to a prosocial crowd
maybe that’s why there’re no fascist clowns
why right-wing humor
so much resembles
plague time in a debtor’s prison
you must be a creature of compassion
and empathy
bleeding hearts connect the audience
to one another
to the comedian
this is why Republicans can’t do comedy
because yelling, “Faggot!” in a crowded theater
isn’t funny to them… it’s the status quo
their lives are an absurdity, which
under normal circumstances
could be comic gold, but they are sincere
in their bigotry, their hates, their beliefs
on such a sure and solid foundation
there can be no wiggle and wobble
no laughing at oneself
under the yoke of such certainty
the weight of your positions etches on the face
a permanent frown, a scowl
black shoe button eyes
gazing angrily from under a furrowed brow
at those damn kids and their laughter
it’s all fun and games for these guys
getting away with murder
calling women “cunts”
and blacks “niggers”
but should a good loyal conservative
mouth off such a thing
and woo-boy-howdy
next thing you know they’re branded
sexist and racist
the world isn’t fair
it’s a hard life for us old, rich, white men
hard as my hypocritical cock
in the Minneapolis airport men’s room
and that’s funny
because it’s the truth…
a rare thing from us


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