Nazarene Giver

If it’s true, and there is a Lord,
and the Lord does this, “The Lord giveth,
and the Lord taketh away” thing, then
that Lord is an Indian giver
(forgive, O Lord, my racist assessment)
I know the phrase was not in fashion
when you breathed the sawdust,
but Lord
since you know all
you had to see it coming:
America, the misidentified natives
and what we would be saying about them…
it’s no consolation
the whole giveth/taketh dichotomy
because if it was me as Lord
(forgive, O Lord, my impertinence)
I’d impose a strict policy renteth and returneth
with a penalty for failure to rewindeth
issued unto the unkindeth
because it isn’t like me
to give what I want to keep
like reverse buyer’s remorse,
which is the crux of what I have here, you see,
there was a time I gave my faith to you Lord,
lodging, as it were, in my heart
but I take it all back now
I’m sure you though,
of all Lords,
can understand that


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