Power Knows But One Way

Eskimo kissing twilight fascists
because you are cold, broke, drunk, lonely
and before you know it
Hitler’s moustache mingles
in your cunt hairs
my sleeping giant beauty
you get wet
lubricating the machinery of exclusionary politics
and genocide and spermicide
falling in love over the same old tricks
the petty lustering games
consumed in calculated fires
in well-laid blame
by easy deceivers
who lie the best
for they do not know they lie
who murder the best
for whom they kill they do not consider human
who are the best monsters
for they believe themselves men
who dance and sing and love
and experience joy
just like real men
but you will know them
by their God’s will
by their eagerness to bend your mind
by their slow laughter and rapid animosity
you will only be left when it’s over
one way: cold, broke, drunk, lonely
and destroyed
unable to abort
the horror gestating in the heart of the future


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