Tainted Meat

Cambrian expectations, you can’t follow through
on your mom’s hopes & dreams for you,
not a man can carry on this dead lineage
and spring into a bounty of new forms
Cambrian explosions batter you senseless
shockwaves and shrapnel spinning like galaxies of fire
following in the disturbed wake of space-time –
the electromagnetic pulse that stopped
God’s AG13 battery operated watch cold
and that Fucker hasn’t known what the time is
for nigh on fourteen billion years
and He doesn’t care
couldn’t give less of a fuck
shows up for work late or not at all
calls in sick when hungover
gets drunk and bored
and fucks some young Jewish broad
behind her husband’s back
puts you to work sawing wood and pounding nails
shovels out an elaborate line of shit
and there you are, ironically hung,
nailed down on the board like a joke
like if you’d been a mason
the old man would’ve had you stoned dead
battered senseless by expectations impossible
to fulfill… hopes and dreams
your mother’s God-wrecked cunt weeping as you die
for the sins of the Father…
Lord, what an embarrassment you were to all concerned.


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