creamily corroded clock gears
in a painting of persistent time
grinds like a bull goring
by standers in shish kebap rows
grimy floors demand mopping
sticky scum-matted
hopelessly aromatic
stuck in a haze of romantic soup
a porto-potty overflowed
white water shit raft
over turds of stoically inclined seduction
calling to all comers
lovers in protuberant arms
hugging cocks discharged
a payload of distrustful angst
milky, viscous and pathetic
drip-drop into ears of shit
unsteady vibrations
rise in demonic ascension
through feet and groin, trembling
electric buzz along the wire
hold tightly the line of desire
bonded through it to the shore
caustic erosion
rivers convergent
tributary defined by volume
as we surrender
confederates on a bender
from start to stop overhanded
four fingered in puffy white gloves
this is how we hedge our Disney land bets


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