And We All Lived Happily Ever After

Peace crime in wartime
rubber bullets on the jury
compassion is a lustful wench
weakening a young country’s knees
fortification through hatred and harshness
meets a nation’s needs
cooperative strategies, caring and sharing –
vileness all, draining you of vigor
Love? It will not help you through this
Your neighbors, friends and allies
will not help you through this
a man alone never knows betrayal
in perfect solitude is borne perfect resistance
to the diseases of empathy, altruism and understanding
under one God
should stand one Man – apart, alone, unashamed
fully justified in keeping to him what is his
he who helps himself helps himself
through this
deeper into this
past the breakers, out into the sea of this
and if you should go under
shun the foolish lifeguard, battling waves
risking limb
as she helps to pull you out of this
clutch on and drag her down to drown
along with you, as greedy waters invade empty places
embrace her into the depths
to help you through this
at the end of this
where you finally find yourself
doing the first unselfish thing you’ve ever done,


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