Fuck You I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

You told me our life and everything in it is a miracle
I told you that made miracles mundane banalities, trivial
You told me to replace my negativity with positivity
I told you my batteries would cease to work
You told me our happiness depends more on our dispositions than circumstances
I told you to sing that song to a slave
You told me to nurture myself, to care for my soul,
and if I did this, I would be beautiful inside and out
I told you beauty is a product of the mind and to pass me a beer
You told me to be kind and create good karma
I told you to take a cold look at the world
and that what goes around goes away… permanently
and what comes around is our mortality… eternally
You told me to look for the blessings in everything
I told you nothing, inspecting my naval lint for god’s good graces
You told me I deserve to be loving and affectionate towards myself
I told you I’d only be a nonreciprocal ingrate, pissing me off at myself to no end
You told me to honor diversity and respect life
I told you I cannot honor diversity for too much of it has no respect for life
You told me you wished you could show me the light of my own being
I told you my light would fry out your eyes and tan your skin to leather
that it is the light of reason, of logic, of rationality
that it is the cool fluorescent glow,
illuminating the ignorance
of superstition, religion
and new age hokum
my light is surgical upon an operating table
dissecting baseless belief systems
my light is a laser
cutting out cancerous credulity
and correcting vision
to cure humankind forever of blind faith… and then…
You told me you’d pray for me


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