Thy Will Be Shunned

Pleasure is not God’s will
their theology burrows blindly
in medieval muck
praising pain, deformity and sickness
counting as blessings: poverty and deprivation
fruits from science’s loom
from prenatal screenings to a newfound and robust
understanding of our simply motivated ancestry
is anathema

To be born into the culture of life
is to be baptized in acid denial
a Kool-Aid dosed to the Heavens
with wild conspiracies of every pitch and yaw
muttering senselessly, sign of protest raised
think of the little babies needlessly slaughtered
think of Christ’s agony on the cross
think of people not thinking as they should think
and that last is at last the foundation
of their corrosive faith

Ill-content to keep to themselves
they ferret out enemies behind every hill
uneasy in quiet contemplation
they nurture contempt out of an increasingly
ignorant flock bent for hostility
to trample flowers that dare grow
off their beaten and bloodied path
bludgeoning it stupid
stirring up storms of wind-twisted devils
who dance to the beat of the war drums
toward the end of days
they crave like nothing else

A fantasy of terror and suffering
that gives their lives guidance and meaning
a happy ending
a bullet in the doctor’s heart
a happy ending
towers collapsing in flames
a happy ending
a drug of dark satisfaction
a happy ending
of violence, wrath and nuclear mayhem
a happy ending for God’s happy few
a happy ending
exiting democracy
entering the kingdom
they will be done
without question
orders which must be obeyed
at all times
a flimsy defense
for the guilt of monsters


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