I faked the orgasms that impregnated my wife
such is the power of imagination
it began to grow within
feeble bean full of dreams
to sprout up to heaven
when that time comes
playing doctor can cut down
costly hospital bills and insurance premiums

He came out tough, all scowls, glowers, and a glint of the devil
in the apple of his eye – down at the core
but as he grew into a man
he’d spend spare decades
daring not to move
gathering cobwebs, growing jaundiced and withered
up against the wall
stalled out, then as it happens
one day he was gone
nobody noticed much
“Hey, did you cut your hair?”
they’d ask and I’d say,
“No, my son disappeared…
in all likelihood dead,”
and they’d say
“Yes, that’s it. I knew you looked different some how.”

Even I at times can’t recall
what it was and have taken to the barbers
getting weekly fresh cuts
and when they ask
I answer “Yes, what do you think?”
and it makes me feel warm and loved
when they say, “You look fantastic – just fantastic.”


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