Faith Hole

Faith is a post-holer
the faithful stand square
in the dug-out holes – unwavering
in their death-visioned equanimity
even as the barbed wire rips across
face, guts and knees
stapled down to piety row
man after man after woman
a fence against freedom
stiff and wooden
to nail up libertine dissent
when fires burn flayed bodies on the line,
monocultural utopia achieved,
then the godly posts will reach out to one another
entwine arms and clasp hands
sing and sway a song of apocalyptic ardor
all will be blessed bliss
yet the critical inquiry will ring forth,
for where this is a chain
there is a weakest link
to be tested under duress
in the zealous fires of fanatical intensity
she will be found wanting
in her faith hole


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