The Phrenology of Fascism

The moron’s funeral goes on
her demise is celebrated
in respectable press
she died alongside the retard, cripple and spastic
she went down
but continues to bob up
in the wake of her own wake
she is my heritage
my ancestor and forebears
in ships contained and transported
labor and capital that’s never her own
the pariah twat
birthing more of the same
hereditary idiocy coursing in genes
defined by her well-bred executioners
who refuse her total death
they resurrect her in leprous foreigners
in the poor, in ethnic ghettos, in courtrooms
and within the houses of legislation
her specter looms grand
the subnormal human won’t leave
more enlightened ones alone
of constant fascination she is examined,
codified, tested, evaluated, studied and ranked
what makes her this way?
race, class, sex, environment
debates rage and solutions sally forth
welfare, education, affirmative action
asylums, clinics, eugenics
God helps she who helps herself
as long as she remains
birth-control and abortion free
no matter how great her need
times change but the battle does not
always must she remain as we are not
an other to be fondled in the mind slime
of politically usurped scientific analysis
where once the moron was deemed valuable
now the Mexican reigns over the waste worlds of immense drudgery
subhuman of the field and meat packing plant
toiling for wages unsuitable for the unwilling
white, educated, full buttery bouqueted American
who has never been unshackled
from his burden
the increasing hordes of idiot immigrants
gentler sexed
emotionally driven
knocking at his imperiled W-2 form
clutched in the P.C. hands of the bleeding hearted
of the bleating upstarted
funding death culture with death taxes
by the end a way will be found
to end this moron’s endless wake
by bringing her back from the dead
to soothe their upper-class sensibilities
in cold hard determinist culture wars
without end.
Merry fucking Christmas you Jew!


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