A spider like a woman
on a distant world –
she eats colored jelly organisms
they tremble in neurotic fear in their aquarium
as her mouthpieces close in
to carefully sort through the frantic darting bodies
testing for hue
even flavor
suck, suck, suck
She’d get the right ones no problem
once inside her body, the gelatinous screamy
squirmy beans
were mixed, transformed by heat, acids and enzymes
deft spinnerets manipulated
the waste as it came out
molded, modeled
her anal aperture could spin
like a potter’s wheel
she was the best
her creation’s sought
far and wide, intergalactically, faster than light,
right out of her ass,
comes art.


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One Response to “Artropod”

  1. vianthfraser Says:

    It’s crude, but I did like some lines. I liked “her anal aperture could spin/like a potter’s wheel”, it really resonated in my mind after I read it. the last line finishes it off nicely too with the artt coming out of her ass. Although I am confused as to if you meant to call it “Arthropod” or “Artropod” because I’ve never heard of an Artropod :p

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