Rage Radio

The public is attacked over their own airwaves
struck by scurrilous voices of specious reason
who despise the people
it would seem
for the very fact of their personhood
and demean them of it
by extending the definition of it
to cover corporations and fertilized eggs
while pronouncing all who dare
disagree, who protest,
who choose to defy the long arm of the bully:
filthy animals, rapists, sluts, prostitutes, magic negroes – need I go on?

The radio is the bullhorn
that assaults all dissenters
it blasts them for their humanity
tears into them with the cacophonous cunning of crepuscular hyenas
to achieve its goals – getting the unwashed
to shut the fuck up
under the onslaught of relentless verbal harassment,
scorn and degradation
dribbling form thick quivering lips, grease slick
like a glistening glaze of chicken fat
after a sloppily consumed
gluttonous bucketful of deep fried dismemberment
it is their way – condemning others their needs:
health care, shelter, food
all the while sating their every sick appetite:
popping pills, puffing fat cigars,
fucking Dominican children on sex tour vacations
trolling for cocksuckers in public restrooms… now that…
that’s a public service they find acceptable


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