Out of My Way Commie!

The labor isn’t worth it
The money and the credit
the labor brings isn’t worth it.

The luxuries purchased to fill in
life’s cheap corners aren’t worth it.

The time consumed in daily crematorium flames
working, earning, buying – repeating
all to gain the brief comforts
of giggling like an imbecile
along to the laughs
of perky good-morning-slave-state television
and “ain’t-I-a-little-stinker?” radio personalities
whose smug buffoonery
slides unctuously out of the cars
two-thousand dollar stereo system speakers:
butyl rubber
Kevlar cone body
neodymium rare-earth type magnet
a full tenth of the vehicle’s value

But it sounds so rich
and full
and dynamic
and can’t you hear
that hi-fidelty
that bass-boost
that trebly tweeter?

O, it was worth it!
Don’t you think it was worth it?
Don’t you?
O, fuck you anyway
always so negative
just forget it
live in a damn cave and eat tree-bark
if that’s what you want
just leave me alone.

But I promise
I’ll think of you
and your big bunches of nothing
wind in my hair – up and down the PCH
Born to be wild
in digital discrete
5.1 surround
Out of my way Commie!


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