Think Green

Our moon is called moon,
in English anyway,
neither original nor romantic
is it?
Some call the thing Luna,
sounds better,
to English ears anyway,
but it’s about the same,
our moon
is lunar
it’s got cycles –
lunar ones,
and when it’s blotted out
that’s a lunar eclipse.
Men cruise its powdery surface
on what?
Lunar rovers after landing in what?
Lunar modules,
but those astronauts clomp upon it in…
moon boots.
The terms, you see, aren’t interchangeable,
damn close to,
not quite.
The sun isn’t named star after all, but
sadly, the planet we call home
while not formally christened “planet”
is Earth… dirt to you and me.
When he touches down on this foreign globe
Mr. anthropomorphic spaceman asks,
“What do you call this wonderful world of yours?”
and Mr. hypothetical earthling answers,
“Planet Earth.”
“Dirt, huh?” questions the E.T.
“Yup,” the dirtling says, “Planet dirt.”
“Is that why…” the aliens loaded question begins,
“You dirt people show such disdain
and much ambivalence
about the waters, the air,
the flora
the fauna
all because it’s small “e” dirt that matters so?”
After a reflective moment,
our man, our guy, our ambassador,
he says, “Fuck you, faggot!”
and raises a polished Smith & Wesson
to this intergalactic tree-hugger’s
exposed, erotically throbbing
and finds it highly satisfying and ironic
to see the blood spray
glistening in the lunar light
is, of all colors, if you can fucking believe it,


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One Response to “Think Green”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Very nice.

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